Verizon follows AT&T footsteps with illegal tethering

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Verizon iPhone imageIt hasn’t been long since Appletell reported that AT&T was starting to take away privileges from users who are illegally tethering their smartphones without the carrier consent. AT&T says users who continue to violate the data policy will automatically be switched to the appropriate plan if they continue their behavior of tethering without paying up for that service.

AT&T now automatically puts jailbroken tetherers onto its data tethering plan that starts at $45 a month. AT&T isn’t the only carrier in town that’s taking a hard stance against free tethering. News has started to appear around the Internet that Verizon is battling alongside AT&T to stop unofficial tethering. Verizon Wireless wants to crack down on folks who perform illegal tethering on their devices—if you happen to fall under that category of using apps to help you “tether illegally,” then you might want to sit up and take notice. Verizon will now show a warning page when it catches a user tethering without paying, and provides a number to call to set up a mobile broadband package.

Looking at the bright side of things, for now Verizon is not threatening to take away unlimited data plans, but only redirect them to their website to force users to update to a $20 monthly plan that is much cheaper than the AT&T charging rate. Until now, tethering hasn’t been much of a threat on the Verizon network. However, that doesn’t mean users should push their luck with Verizon, because it wouldn’t surprise us if sometime this year Verizon jumps on board with that same program as AT&T.

It would be interesting to see how subscribers will react to this situation. Will it stop you from tethering or find other ways to avoid detection?

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