iPad Appidemic: Pick a Piggy HD

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Pick a Piggy HD is a pork-based puzzle game that sees the player launching adorably porky pigs through barriers, climbing up platforms, and bouncing their way to freedom. Collect stars along the way for extra points, but watch out for the pitfalls. Nefarious rats, electrified barriers, platforms that move, and puzzles that require some clever engineering lie between your piggy and freedom.

Pick a Piggy Level

How does it work?

As a piggy, you start out on the floor and need to reach the streaming portal of light in the ceiling. To do so, simply tap your pig and drag to build up tension, then release to send the piggy flying.

Pick a Piggy Firing

The controls are simple enough, but the physics behind the game coupled with a variety of barriers make the break for freedom much more challenging. Evil rats wait to snatch you off your platform before you can jump to safety, while a variety of teeter-tottering, swinging, and sinking platforms make jumping that much harder. Electrified barriers and puzzle goals like mushrooms and stars that are hidden inside mechanical contraptions require some clever jumping. Tripping switches or levers by jumping on them is required to overcome these obstacles, but the location of these puzzle elements requires some very careful jump planning.

Is it contagious?

For $4.19 ($1.29 for the iPhone version), Pick a Piggy HD provides some good clean fun, though not without its shortcomings. For starters, all the characters are excessively cute, which makes it tough to tell friend from foe (the evil rats look just as cute as the characters from Pixar’s Ratatouille). In addition, the piggies are excessively bouncy, which is great for showing off the game’s true-to-life physics engine, but not so great due to the complicated nature of landing some jumps. With some very tight jumping conditions, it can get tiresome to repeat levels time after time because your piggy simply flopped over rather than sticking a landing.

If in doubt, download the lite version for iPad first and check out the adorable pig-hurling fun to be had!

Category: Games
Developer: Dynamic Pixels, Ltd.
Cost: $4.19
Download: Pick a Piggy HD (also available for iPhone)

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