Pioneer announces new AirPlay compatible Elite receivers

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Pioneer SC-57 and SC-55 Elite receivers

Let’s take a look back to last week, shall we, when Pioneer released their new SC home theater amplifiers. Why? Because they’re Internet radio and iPad, iPhone, and iPod compatible, and because we forgot to tell you about them. The new flagship SC-57 and SC-55 Elite receivers bring state-of-the-art audio and visual content performance into any room.

Both Elite models are enhanced with advanced network features including Apple’s AirPlay, DLNA Certified (1.5) networking, Internet radio and Pioneer’s proprietary iPad, iPhone, iPod apps (iControlAV2 and Air Jam).

Designed to deliver the audio performance necessary for Blu-ray Disc, the SC-57 and SC-55 Elite receivers incorporate Pioneer’s new Class D3 digital amplifier technology that can produce massive power output with less electrical power consumption than traditional designs. The integrated Class D3 amplifier can deliver Pioneer’s highest-ever continuous power simultaneously to all dedicated channels with extremely high efficiency, significantly less heat production and ultra-low distortion.

In a class by itself, the Class D3 amplifier delivers the true audio potential of any uncompressed source such as Blu-ray Disc titles. The amplifier section of the SC receivers can deliver extremely fast response (speed) rate, provide exceptionally detailed midrange frequencies, and generate high dynamic range with all channels driven. Pioneer’s Class D3 amplifier features include:

  • Power Efficiency – The Class D3 requires much less energy to produce more continuous power output per channel. The design of the amplifier assures high dynamic range from any source, lower impedance capability, and exceptional high fidelity sound, even in multi-zone mode.
  • Improved Thermal Dissipation – Redesigned from previous generations, the large aluminum heatsink is top mounted to achieve 360 degrees of heat dissipation. The technique enables heat generated during use to radiate from the top and bottom of the unit to increase reliability and high performance at any volume level.
  • Direct-Thru Signal Path – The amplifier section was reconfigured to achieve a much shorter audio signal path. A third shorter than last year’s design, audio signals are directed one-way from the audio input side to the power supply, eliminating any looping through the circuit board or the need for a loop circuit which can cause feedback, noise, and ringing, especially in the high frequency audio band.
  • THD Improvement – The Direct-Thru Signal Path design combined with a less circuitry design resulted in improved switching characteristics. The amplifier produces virtually no noise with a total harmonic distortion (THD) rating of .003 percent (rated at 100W).
  • Pre-Amp Mode – The SC receivers feature advanced preamp processors supporting the latest surround formats such as DTS NeoX, sound enhancements, network content and network control. Users can take advantage of its full multi-zone capabilities assigning the preamp and speakers outputs independently. When channels are set to the off position, the power supply and associated components are shut down for efficiency and to reduce heat production.
  • Certifications – The SC-57 and SC-55 are both certified by THX® and AIR Studios to ensure that the receivers deliver the highest fidelity home entertainment experience to the consumer. THX and AIR Studios are experts in reference sound technology and have strict standards in their certification processes.

For more details, including custom benefits, connectivity options, portable device control and television performance, visit Pioneer Electronics. The new Elite SC-57 and SC-55 receivers are available at authorized Pioneer Elite retailers.

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