Avadon: The Black Fortress now available on Steam

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Avadon Fire Lizards

Avadon: The Black Fortress—an epic, old-school role playing game—is now available on Steam for both Mac and Windows for a limited time price of $8.99,10% off the regular price of $9.99.

If you read Appletell’s review and thought The Black Fortress looked interesting, but you held back because of the cost, this is a great time to buy a game that will provide a lot of enjoyment. If you’re still unsure, though, you can download the demo and play it for yourself.

You can also find Avadon: The Black Fortress on the Apple App Store for the iPad as well as on Spiderweb Software’s web site. However Avadon costs $20 if you buy it directly from Spiderweb. This may seem odd, but Jeff Vogel, creator of Avadon, explains his reasoning in this post on his blog.

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