Evernote acquires Skitch and makes it a free app on the Mac App Store

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Skitch by Evernote

Both Skitch and Evernote are undoubtedly high-quality (although very different) pieces of software, offering a ton of features for users. While Evernote offers note-taking and archiving, Skitch is a screen capture and editing tool. The developers behind Evernote apparently saw the amazing things Skitch has to offer, and decided to buy out the company as announced earlier this morning at a conference in San Francisco, California.

Skitch was a free, OS X only (although it was recently released as an Android app) application until its developers took it out of beta and slapped a $20 price tag on it. Evernote, however, has removed Skitch’s price tag and made it a free download again, available now in the Mac App Store.

Evernote is also planning to bring Skitch to many other desktop and mobile platforms, with an iOS app confirmed to be in the works. The company is planning to keep Skitch and Evernote as separate apps for now, although they will integrate Skitch’s features into Evernote over time. You can learn more about Skitch by watching the promotional introduction video:

Product [Skitch] Via [9to5 Mac]

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