New AT&T customers soon to be limited in SMS plan choices

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AT&T Death StarAT&T is now seriously restricting their SMS plan offerings for new customers. They have just confirmed that as of this Sunday (August 21st), all new AT&T customers will only be able to choose between an unlimited SMS plan (starting at $20/month), or a pay-per-text plan instead. AT&T previously offered a $10/month SMS plan which included 1,000 sent messages after it previously eliminated two other plans ($5/month for 200 texts and $15/month for 1,500 texts) this past January.

This new change will not affect existing AT&T customers, and according to the company will not have much of an impact even on new customers who apparently usually opt for the unlimited plans anyway. A lot of people seem to disagree, though, including myself, as I believe carriers should give their customers more choices rather than less to suit their specific needs.

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