Apple releases iTunes 10.4.1 update

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Apple Software Update

It’s time to fire up Software Update again. Apple released an update to iTunes, bringing it to version 10.4.1. The update contains mostly bug fixes, but you’re definitely going to want to download it. It addresses issues with media keys, song and video artwork, unresponsiveness and VoiceOver issues. The update builds on version 10.4, which was the first version of iTunes designed specifically with OS X Lion in mind.

Here’s the full release notes from Software Update:

What’s new in iTunes 10.4.1

iTunes 10.4 is now designed for OS X Lion. You can now use iTunes with OS X Lion’s new full-screen app capability, which allows you to use iTunes and other apps without distractions. Navigate between your full-screen apps with a simple gesture.

iTunes 10.4.1 provides a number of improvements, including:

• Fixes a problem where the media keys on some third-party keyboards work inconsistently with iTunes
• Addresses issues with adding artwork to songs and videos
• Resolves an issue which may cause iTunes to become unresponsive when purchasing an HD movie
• Fixes a problem where iTunes may take longer than expected to open after waking your Mac from sleep
• Addresses issues with VoiceOver support

Remember, if Software Update doesn’t pop up on its own and insist on installing your updates, you can launch it manually. Just click on the Apple in the system menu bar and then Software Update.

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