What to make of the Sprint iPhone rumor

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Sprint iPhoneNow that we’re speeding closer to the launch of the new iPhone, the rumor mill is in high gear.

It seems the rumors of the iPhone turning up on Sprint Network are continuing this week, and until now they were just that: rumors. We’ve heard tons of them that the iPhone was heading to Sprint network in the past, but there hasn’t really ever been anything as substantial as this latest iteration. According to sources “familiar with the matter” who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, this year Apple will be launching their iPhone to the Sprint Network. Also, Sprint will begin offering the new iPhone alongside Verizon and AT&T in mid-October. Sprint will also release an iPhone 4 compatible with its network at the same time as the iPhone 5 launch, a tipster has told the WSJ. The terms of the deal are still unknown.

Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 5 with a thinner and lighter chassis, a more powerful dual-core processor and an 8 megapixel camera. This leads us to believe Apple could ditch the current design (fixing the antenna death-grip), and add other hardware goodies that will make your current model look old and obsolete. Hearing this claim from WSJ is a bit interesting because it gives some sort of confirmation that contradicts other rumors about an iPhone launch set for the month of September . One thing the article neglects to mention is if the Sprint iPhone will be capable of handling Sprint 4G, giving more reason that Apple will not be ready to make the transition for that new technology just yet.

While being cautious about rumors, there is some level of truthfulness to this WSJ claim. The Wall Street Journal broke the news last year about the Verizon iPhone before the company’s own announcement, so they are worthy of our trust. If the rumor ends up being true, Sprint will be nation’s third-largest carrier to carry the iPhone this year after Verizon, and Apple itself would earn even more from the sales of the iPhone by selling through more U.S. carriers.

These facts have many—including me—speculating (hoping) today that a Sprint iPhone will be coming our way soon. Sprint is the only remaining major carrier with a truly unlimited smartphone data plan, which could boost sales of the iPhone on that network. It certainly will be interesting to see if customers are willing to consider jumping ship to Sprint for a similar device with (possibly) cheaper plans and less data restrictions on their networks.

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