Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD now available for Macintosh

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Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

Yes, games sure can look pretty on those fancy iPhone retina displays. But they also look small. So what do you do when you take your game from the iPhone to Macintosh? You completely overhaul the graphics to make the game look even better. That’s what Fishlabs has done with their epic space trade-shooter, Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD, which is available now in the Mac App Store.

In Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD, players can explore a complete galaxy with over 20 star systems, 100 different 3D space stations and over 30 extensively equippable spaceships, complete highly varied freelance missions, and play through an exciting, fully-voiced main storyline. The epic story tells of the dramatic battle for survival by the Terrans, Midorians, Nivellians, and the Vossk. Due to a malfunction in the hyperdrive of his spaceship, Keith T. Maxwell, the hero of the first part, is catapulted through time and space. He awakens 35 years later and finds himself in a changed galaxy. The Voids, an aggressive alien species, have invaded known space using wormhole technology and threaten the fragile peace.

The outer space shooter, which won the German Computer Game Award 2011 in the category Best Mobile Game for the iPhone™ and iPad™ version, has had its graphics completely overhauled for the Mac. All 3D models were rebuilt from the ground up in four-time polygon and texture resolution. Furthermore, each of the 30 spaceships has its own texture set for diffuse, normal and specular maps in 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution, providing breathtakingly detailed and realistic surfaces, especially with the new OpenGL shaders. Additional post, explosions and other special effects, as well as new scene lighting with multiple light sources und provide the perfect console look.
Along with mouse and keyboard controls, the controls have also been optimised for the gamepad for a real console feeling. Thanks to the expanded control options, ship speed can now also be continuously varied. Keyboard, mouse and gamepad controls are also freely configurable.

But that’s not the best part. When iOS 5 launches, you’ll actually be able to transfer your saved games between the Mac and the iPad 2 version of Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD when it’s released in September! That’s a feature for which we’ve been clamoring for quite some time, and it’s great to see that Fishlabs is offering it to us. Play it on the Mac, transfer it to your iPad, then pick up where you left off on your way to grandma’s! The transfer of saved games from Galaxy on Fire 2 and the add-on Valkyrie for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to the new Full HD versions for Mac and iPad 2 will be available later when Valkyrie Full HD is released later this year due to reasons of consistency.

Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

Features of Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD:

  • 3D models and textures revised from scratch to the latest console standard
  • Additional details in the design of the over 30 spaceships and 100 stations
  • Carefully revised space backgrounds and planers in 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution for optimal display in Full HD
  • Four times higher resolution textures and multiple texture sets for extremely detailed display of spaceships and space stations
  • Significantly revised special effects for explosions, fire, smoke and atmospheric effects
  • OpenGL shader on all game objects for detailed and realistic surfaces
  • Post effects for cinematic presentation
  • Multiple light sources for realistic lighting
  • Configurable controls with keyboard, mouse and gamepad

Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD requires Mac OS X v10.6 or later, and is available now in the Mac App Store for $19.99.

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