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This weekend we take a look at a bunch of new games that recently hit the app store or had price reductions. And since we know that searching through the App Store (500,000 apps and counting) isn’t easy, we always try to make it easier with our weekend best picks gaming update. With that in mind, you should never let a good deal thing pass you by, which is why this week we looked for seven solid new iOS games you might otherwise miss. So, have great time relaxing off of work while spending time with your family, and don’t forget to stock up on the best iOS games.

Conan: Tower of the Elephant: $1.99
By Chillingo

Tower of the Elephant is an action RPG based on a short story by Conan-creator Robert E. Howard, and it more or less follows the same storyline. You play as the titular barbarian on a quest to steal a powerful stone called the Heart of the Elephant from the evil sorcerer-priest Yara, who lives in the enormous Tower of the Elephant. A simple tutorial opens the game, teaching you how to interact, attack and manage your inventory. You work your way from one fetch quest to the next, the game’s environments open up to you, giving you many new areas to explore.


The game is compatible with Game Center, where you can watch achievements pop up as you play. The Tower of the elephant is a great adventure with fifty missions to complete. The cut-scenes are not bad and the menus and interface are fairly polished. This is a time-honored RPG mechanic, and it generally keeps the game from feeling stale. My impression is that it’s a well conceived project but fails when to comes to graphics. This is a shame when seeing games in the App Store like Infinity Blade which utilize cutting-edge Unreal Engine 3 technology.

Hospital Havoc 2: Free
By Bitwise Design

In this new fast-paced time management game with a medical theme, you get to play doctor who must diagnose, treat, cure and discharge a parade of patients as quickly as possible. Unlock nеw scenarios аnd levels аѕ уου gο, аnd υѕе coins аnd muffins tο bυу furniture οr tο bυу diagnostic tools, snacks, аnd nifty multitasking аnd speed add-ons. Players earn muffins for being efficient, which can be used to upgrade gear and take on more challenges, expanding office space and acquiring zany tools and machines from the in-game Quick-Med Catalog.

Thе graphics аnd animations аrе well done аnd quite humorous, and everything about the game makes it a great play. With 100 experience levels to conquer, 20+ side-splitting patient scenarios, 35+ patient profiles, and a plethora of new items and bonus features to earn and use in-game, it provides a wonderful entertaining experience of being worthy of a space on your home-screen. And on the plus side, it supports OpenFeint and Game Center integration for connecting and competing with friends as well as sharing scores and achievements over WiFi.

Sprinkle: $0.99
By Mediocre AB

This game puts players in charge as a fireman on planet Sprinkle, and tasks them with dousing the blazes started by meteorites which tend to burn the houses of the natives. Initially, this is pretty simple stuff; just point the hose at the fires and press the button to start the water. Adjusting height is as simple as touching and dragging on the nozzle, and angle adjustments by dragging anywhere else on the screen.


But it quickly takes a turn for the strategic, giving you puzzles to solve, all while trying to extinguish the fire using as little water as possible. The game has 46 levels, and everyone should definitely try it as it’s fun and addictive.

Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition: Free

For those unfamiliar with the original Facebook game, Restaurant City: Gourmet Edition is one cafe simulation title that takes care of the cooking and dish serving for you, and instead focuses on cafe decoration and the unlocking of recipes using collectible ingredients. In terms of unlocking dishes, the selection of general dishes raises as you level up, including French recipes unlocking at level 4 and Japanese Recipes unlocking at level 10. You can also collect other ingredients to unlock a small series of dishes in each category, like Garden Salad or Lamb Skewer Starters and Strawberry Cake for Dessert, as just a few examples.


The game is available on the iTunes App Store, with a single app being available for both the iPhone and iPad it brings nice gameplay experiences, and it’s all for free.

Hector Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice: $ 6.99
By Telltale Inc

One of the most pleasant iOS gaming surprises in 2010 came in the form of HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1. The point and click adventure was a refreshing take on the genre, filled with crude humor, challenging puzzles and superb visuals. Now TellTale Games has finally published the second part of the game which has twice the content.

Gameplay-wise, Hector: Episode 2 is pretty standard fare for an adventure game. You click around your environment to find useful objects, put them in your inventory, and then either combine them with other items or use them on other items (or people) in the environment to solve puzzles.


Hector: Episode 2 Senseless Acts of Justice is a good game. If you like point-and-click adventures I would say it’s a must-have. It’s a fun, clever game with great visuals and an interesting story that even someone who isn’t a diehard adventure gamer will still be able to enjoy. And for those of you who haven’t play the first part of the story yet, there is no need to panic; it is still available in the app store on sale: HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1: $0.99

Spy Mouse: $0.99
By Firement

From the developer of Flight Control and Real Racing comes this new game which took two years to make. You control “agent squeak” by drawing a line to his path to direct him towards many objectives along the way, turning this game more interesting, while planning multiple attempts by being required to tweak things ‘just right’ to gain all the available medals for a level. The game mission is to liberate the cunningly placed cheddar from each of the 70-odd levels—divided into six unique worlds—while escaping the attentions of the nearby cat patrol.

Could the Flight Control developer have another mega-hit on its hands? Absolutely, hands down. From its charming designs to its elegant and complex challenges, Spy Mouse is yet another great release from Firemint that feels at home on a touch-based device.


Want to be able to play this for free? Our beloved coffee chain, “Starbucks” will be offering this game on their new promotion called the Pick of the Week. Yep, starting August 30th anyone who is caffeine-addic(like me!) would be able to redeem SPY mouse for free through iTunes. Pretty simple, right? Make sure to stop by Starbucks to pick a cup of your favorite overpriced coffee to enjoy this game for free.

Games on Sale

Bejeweled 2 + Blitz: Free

It features four different modes, including a Blitz mode that allows you to compete with your friends on Facebook.


It also features a wide variety of power-ups that can be deployed before each game. Popcap’s gem-swapping mega franchise is free this weekend. Such a sweet deal!

Crescent Moon:
Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD $0.99

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor $0.99

Ravensword: The Fallen King $0.99
Crescent Moon is running a big sale on all their iOS RPGs.

Street Fighter IV: $0.99


80% off until the end of August.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus: $0.99


Gameloft is placing this game on sale (for limited time) in celebration for it’s upcoming new game Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is coming this fall!

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