Lifeproof waterproof iPhone case review

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lifeproof case from the frontProvides: iPhone 4 protection
Developer: Lifeproof
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4
Price: $69.95
Availability: Out now

If you need complete protection for your iPhone, Lifeproof offers the total package, claiming to protect your iPhone from water (up to two meters), snow and ice, dust, grime, and drops (again, up to two meters). The plastic case features a rubber gasket between the two halves to make it watertight, and a crystal clear cover that doesn’t interfere with the touch screen (even if you have another screen protector on underneath it). The headphone jack is covered either by a screw-in plug that covers the hole or by a headphone adapter that screws in as well, maintaining the seal.

What’s most remarkable is that all this protection doesn’t interfere with using the iPhone. Beyond the touch screen, clear plastic covers the front and back cameras. What’s most remarkable are the pads that cover the speakers and microphone, which let sounds out but stop water and dirt from getting in. The cameras, phone and speaker all functioned flawlessly, with no noticeable drop in quality. There’s a minor issue with the touchscreen, though; because of the pads that cover the ear speaker, the cover bows slightly, meaning it’s not fitted tightly across the screen. This means you have to press down slightly harder to use the touch screen (but just slightly), and if when typing quickly, more mistakes can happen. Also, the crystal-clear screen is highly reflective, adding to problems when using the iPhone in direct sunlight.

lifeproof case back

The dock port is covered by a latch that snaps tightly. Under the latch the plastic is fitted for an iPhone cable. Because the latch only flips back ninety degrees, if you’re using the old style iPod cable (wider, with the sides you have to push in to release), it can be a problem to remove the cable. If you’re using the new style cord, it slides out, no problem.

Lifeproof has a series of steps to make sure your phone is sealed in good and proper. The first is to put the case together (it closes with a satisfying snap) and submerge it for an hour. The Lifeproof was bone dry when I took it out. In the hand, the case has a matte feel, making it easy to grip without getting stuck in a pocket.

I’m astonished at how well the Lifeproof works. Not that it’s waterproof, but how well they’ve designed it so the protection doesn’t get in the way of the iPhone’s functionality. Wi-Fi, phone, and the music player all work with only the slightest of inconveniences. But the exchange for the amount of protection—water, snow, dirt, and drops—more than make up for that. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, or if you simply want total protection for your iPhone, the Lifeproof is the case you want.

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Lifeproof iPhone case review

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  • MarkG

    Don't do business with this company! Like the case, but you need an adapter to connect it to your USB cable with the case left on. I ordered 2 adapters and received 1 in the mail but they charged me for 2! I have emailed the company, no response. I have called repeatedly and NOBODY EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE! What a complete and utter JOKE OF A COMPANY!

  • LifeProofSucks

    I have been trying to return my case for the last two days and I emailed them all my contact info at and at their contacts page and no one has emailed me the return authorization number or called me. I called their 617 number and no one picked up. I held on for 5min, 32 seconds and nothing. My wife left a message yesterday and no one called her back. The case cannot fit in any holder on my hip. Now because of the poor customer service, I hate the case entirely and will never recommend them. They suck!

  • SS467

    I have one of these cases and have to say I love it! The screen protector is quite amazing my phone rubs on the zipper of my handbag and the screen on the case looks like I just took it out of the box, this case is pretty tough! It also takes a bit (couple of days) to get used to having to give a bit more touch to the thing.. just a slightly heaver touch, just push thru and after a couple of days you won't notice anymore, it just becomes normal. The only real complaint I have is how hard it is to hear a phone conversation unless I have my bluetooth in, or if you open the charger door with the phone on speaker. Also I put a small piece of cloth on the backside of the phone in the case due to the buzzing it created. On the charger issue; I ordered the adapter but it wont work with my dock due to the charger door on the case getting in the way, but we can't have everything, you want to keep your phone safe from water and damage or have there be no obstructions of any kind and have to replace it? A couple of small sacrifices for knowing I wont have another phone end up with water damage!

  • kourosh

    This device does not work. My name is Kourosh Mohammadi ( I just bought one of these for almost 80 dollars from best buy. Put it in my pocket to go to the beach for a few days. Now my iphone has water damage. I will have to pay another >300 dollars at least to replace it. Would not buy this thing! I tried to call their toll free number and it did not work. Very nice.

  • scott burgess

    This seemed to be a cool product with a fixable flaw { tunnel sound or no microphone on speaker}that a bad company messed up with deception and fumbling.
    1 Lifeproof denied warranty lying about purchase in waranty period. It was referred to them well within their 90 day period.
    2 Lifeproof failed to replace or reemburse for a well know defect and instead told warrantable customers to purchase a full price new one.
    3 Lifeproof, when exposed for their misconduct, promised to replace defective items, another promise they have failed to act on.
    And please do not carry disreputable Lifeproof products, a simple search reveals the multitude of problems with their company.

  • beth scott

    CASE DOES NOT PREVENT WATER DAMAGE AT ALL!!!! Complete waste of money if you want to protect your phone from contact with water.I fell in the water and immediately dried out my month old phone: dead as can be with water damage. Should have simply bought insurance. Now I do not have a phone. Shame on Lifeproof.

  • slimtirm

    I used my lifeproof case for swimming laps and listen to music.
    It worked 3 times the 4th it leaked and damaged my new iphone!!!
    Lifespoof (no misspell) said they would only replace the case!!!

  • Stephanie Sardina

    WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!
    I tested my case before putting my phone in it and it was perfectly fine. UNTIL i used it ONE time in the water with my phone and NOW my phone is messed up it has water damage!!! Do NOT buy the case it is a waste of money!!!!!

  • http://Lifeproof Tabitha

    My young daughter saved for months to buy a life proof case for iPhone 5…she thought it would protect her phone since she read…waterproof, and drop proof. Needless to say…the phone fell out of her pocket….not more than 3 feet….and the screen shattered. She now has to pay $150 for a new phone screen which will take her months…when she could have used a $10 case and paid the same price if the screen broke…not worth the money.

  • else

    leaked leaked and leaked. Lifeproof is nothing but a scam. Hopefully they get sued. DONT BUY!