Free Apps Roundup for September 2, 2011

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Dolphin Browser

This week on the Free Apps Roundup: Dolphin Browser makes its way to iOS with it’s fancy gestures, tabs and more! I also managed to find a bunch of great games and utilities to keep you occupied throughout the long weekend. Best of all, most of them are limited time freebies, which means you’re getting way more than you should for the price of admission.

  • Dolphin Browser – It claims to be the most intelligent mobile web browser available. That’s a pretty tall claim you’ll just have to decide about for yourself. So, what’s so great about Dolphin? It supports gestures, tabs, a sidebar, a speed dial for quick access to your favorite sites, auto completion of URLs and, most notably, a desktop mode. There are certainly a lot of features here, but is it enough for you to switch away from Safari? Only you can know for sure.
  • iGrandMaster Free – Pocket Grandmaster has a nine year history of chess on mobile devices, and this is the free version of their iGrandMaster app. The only real difference is that the chess engine is significantly downgraded after 20 moves, which might be a feature if you aren’t a chess genius. It supports graphics and themes, standard chess position notation for when you want to send your piece positions to a friend, landscape and portrait support, and so much more. If you love chess, you should really check this app out.
  • iRate LOL – Funny pictures are half the reason you own an iPhone. Admit it. You send them to your friends when you find them, why not make finding them even easier? This app actually wants you to upload your own wacky pics though. You can comment on pics online and even get awards. Go take some funny pictures and make me laugh already!
  • Battle Bears BLAST – There’s simply nothing better than a giant teddy bear killing other multi-colored teddy bears. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but Battle Bears has been very successful on the App Store in the past two years. As such, they’re celebrating by offering BLAST for free, and you absolutely owe it to yourself to download it and play it now.
  • Racer – Think Spy Hunter. Racer is a great, bottom up racer where your only real goal is to not hit anyone on the highway by weaving in an out of lanes. Yes, you’re going to be that guy on the highway. Good thing the graphics are enjoyably cartoonish, otherwise you might really feel like a jerk. This one’s normally only a dollar, and honestly, if you miss it while it’s free, it’s totally worth the $1 anyway.
  • Convert – What do you do when you’re given numbers in ridiculous units like miles or feet? Convert them to something useful! This app has one of the slickest interfaces on the App Store. Even if you don’t convert between units of measure often, you might just want to check out how good it looks. Free for a limited time.
  • iLocate GPS – Ever just have the need to know how fast you’re going but don’t have a speedometer handy? There’s an app for that. This one. Like Convert, it has a really cool interface that makes it easy to tell how fast you’re going thanks to the GPS in your iPhone. It can also store your location (for the next time you have a hard time remembering where you parked) and share your location (when your friends can’t seem to find you). Also free for a limited time.
  • Genius Scan+ – Scanners are so five years ago. Instead of having a huge, single purpose device, just use the camera on your iPhone to convert physical documents into PDFs. All you have to do is take pictures and Genius Scan instantly creates JPEGs or PDFs that are easily shareable via email,WiFi, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, heck, even Twitter. You can create multi-page documents, correct for perspective and even do some common document image processing. It’s a great app that normally costs $3, so do yourself a favor and download it ASAP.
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