MacKeeper v1.8.1 for OS X review

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Provides: Mac system maintenance and optimization
Format: Download
Developer: ZeoBIT, LLC

Minimum System Requirements: Mac OS X v10.5 or later
Processor Compatibility: Universal
Price: Starting at $39.95 (different license schemes and organizational discounts available)
Availability: Now
Version Reviewed: 1.8.1

A little bit more than a year ago I got the chance to test-drive MacKeeper for the first time. I really liked the application, but even more, I liked the potential of it. I’ve been using it ever since, catching up to every update, and looking for improvements.



I come to the writing room now from an end-user’s point of view. Far from going through all the features, I’ll comment on things I believe are worth mentioning in the current version. I’ll try to simply sum up my successes and failures over the past year using this wide-range application.

The installer

If you’re new to MacKeeper, maybe you won’t notice the changes made on the installer. If you go to the download section of the site, you’ll get a .pkg installer just over 200KB in size. During the installation process you’ll actually download the application, and then copy the files on the system in a pretty standard fashion. You’ll need an Internet connection for this, of course.

MacKeeper Installer


MacKeeper Report

One of the first things you’ll notice after installation on the latest version of MacKeeper is the new screen for the MacKeeper Report. This report focuses on three key areas: Junk (files), Security, and Performance. You’ll get the race car-like interface for these metrics, and you can go from critical, through serious, up to excellent, according to your system state.

MacKeeper Report


The analysis process is pretty straight forward, and after the scan is done, you’ll get the diagnostic along with suggestions to fix the issues the app found. You’ll also get to make choices to act or ignore the issues and then improve the health of your system.

MacKeeper Analysis


Personally, I deactivated right away the antivirus warnings from the security analysis. I don’t care for having AV software running in my Mac. I believe we’re still in those days where you can avoid threats on Mac OS just with common sense.

It is important to mention, though, that the number of threats for the Mac is growing, and there are certain types of users (e.g. moms and dads) who may not be aware of the latest developments on the Mac-related security arena. Having a good AV installed for them could be the way to go.

Two of the main features I heavily use are the Disk Usage and the Update Tracker.

Update Tracker

Having a way to keep track of application versions in a centralized manner is an amazing and ambitious concept. The fact that MacKeeper developers are going after something like that makes you realize they’re not here just to tackle the easy stuff.

Update Tracker


But the Update Tracker has issues. If you have a little knowledge of how complex and diverge are the installation methods on the Mac, you can imagine the effort behind an initiative like this. The updater works well most of the times, but it still misses a few of my installed apps, it doesn’t have a method to force the monitoring of the apps it doesn’t automatically recognize, and sometimes it just refuses to properly update the acknowledge apps.

Update Error


I’m constantly testing this feature with every new update of MacKeeper. I’m confident they’ll get it mature enough soon, and it’d be even better.

Disk Usage

With the Disk Usage utility there is a mixed feeling as well. It does its job, giving you the info you need about the space every folder takes on you system hard drive. You can use that information to detect opportunities of freeing some disk space. The thing is, it does look like something you’d expect from a Windows system, not a Mac.

Disk Usage


I’m still crossing my fingers for a Daisy Disk like interface in the future; something that is even included today on Linux systems as the standard disk space analyzer. This utility does the job, and at the end of the day, it helps me better understand how my files affect the system, but it surely can do it better.

The ZeoDisk promise

The ZeoDisk feature is still on the “Coming Soon” stage. This has been promised for quite a while now and you can’t avoid thinking on the implications of openly offering features that can or cannot be delivered fast enough. Personally, I don’t mind having to wait for it, but it feels least weird to see a year go by with the promise of a “soon to be released” feature.

MacKeeper ZeoDisk


Finally, one of the strengths of MacKeeper has always been its support. You can get a pretty accurate picture of how serious a company is about a product just by getting a taste of the support they offer. One thing is selling an application; another story is supporting it via live chat, forums, phone calls, email, and ticketing system 24/7.

With the trial version of MacKeeper you’ll get the full support. I’d recommend you try the “Geek on Demand” feature to get the best out of their team of Mac experts available to help you out.

Geek on Demand


To me MacKeeper is a winner, and you can try it for free by downloading the trial from the MacKeeper site. Have fun with it. It’s worth it.

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  • Someone

    MacKeeper is a virus, if anyone didn't know.

  • Dijon

    Do you folks not do a cursory web search for info on software before you write reviews?
    try googling “mackeeper scam” or read this forum over at apple,
    suggesting this is good software is beyond belief it’s one brick short of malware

  • Juan González

    Trying google for info works both ways. I’ll let you this other useful link:

    There’re questionable things that have come up with ZeoBit. We’ve evaluated this software since the beginning and none of these issues were a thing back then.

    We evaluate technology. So far we don’t judge the company throughout its lifetime. If they changed to worse we could probably stop taking interest in the technology they bring to the community. Our readers for sure will know.

  • Dijon

    “Our readers for sure will know”, That may in fact come to pass provided you fullfill your stated purpose and provide them with all the information now at your disposal. A review based on your own personal experiences with a product is good, going the extra step and gathering input from others, good or bad, is better. Considering the well documented issues many users were already experiencing and widely reporting at the time this review was written brings both the quality and depth of research into question.
    As it now stands the above article provides a glowing review of a flawed technology.
    I’m not going to comment on shady marketing practices etc, that’s a separate issue from the software being provided, my issue is based entirely on the fact that the product itself has been found by far too many to be flawed and to degrade their user experience.
    Many less informed users found that it could and did caused damage to data and slow the performance of their machine prior to it’s removal.
    By omitting, intentionally or unintentionally these rather basic facts,(which were readily available and exceptionally widespread at the time of the review), you have led others to install an inferior product which negatively affected them.
    (I happened across this review after it being referenced by a less computer literate family member after I repaired their slow running crash prone machine and asked them what led to their decision to install so questionable a piece of software.)
    This was their first ever Mac and the resultant issues did nothing to enhance the “new user experience” of the system as a whole.
    And that concludes my explanation of my issue with this review good or bad.

  • madhat kakei

    I have Final cut pro My camira is NEX-VG20 so I need to need help

  • madhat kakei

    I need help to my final cut

  • Stiv

    Is a bad program!!!

  • dr salah


  • gharshin


  • http://firefox ebenaizer poerba

    I need this program install

  • Willys One

    Hello, Mac, I’m a PC. Know and understand that you should install McKeeper, so you can be like me. (only that it was your user who gave away his password to crackers.)

  • the 1337 HACKER 

    i think its a great program and that every hacker should have it

  • Don

    How right you are! I downloaded the MACKEEPER software and it completely destroyed my operating system. Luckily, I work for a company that provides MAC support for its employees and it took him the better part of two days to restore my system from a large number of corrupt files. DO NOT TOUCH THIS SOFTWARE! Do you know if there is any way to get my money back?

    Regards, Don

  • Kay Grable

    I purchased the $39 account and, at first had an icon on my dash. It disappeared, and I need it to communicate by chat when there are difficulties.

  • http://cleanyourmac martin

    the program has been going for one hour and no end in sight! and I can’t get rid of it
    please help please!

  • Peck Hayne

    Seems to take way too long to install??

  • Karen Thomas

    I had a “free” analysis of my Mac and informed that my Mac with some problems and then had a “free” solution”. I did not, however purchase the Mac Keeper. I now cannot open my email and other apps are not reacting as they did before the “free” analysis and “solutions.”

    If I cannot get this problem “fixed”, I will be taking to the internet and Better Business Bureau with what appears to be a scam.

    Karen F. Thomas

  • David Shindoll

    Worst product EVER! “Clean up” my Mac. Ha. It has never functioned so poorly. I can’t save documents nor open documents. If you want to really screw up your computer, download MacKeeper. I have learned my lesson NEVER to download any software that purports to help me with my computer that doesn’t come directly from Mac. I wish I could have learned the lesson in a less painful way.

  • juan carlos

    sin comentarios

  • Steve Jobs

    This software is and always be Malware/Virus/A Load of Crap.

    I even e-mailed the writers of this so called software and asked if it was so good why is it not on the App Store, their reply was there are no antivirus apps or apps like this crap on the app store, but just a quick search will find out they were lying.

    Please you can abuse/kick/punch your mac but if you want to make it useless then by all means download this crap. It will soon render your mac useless .

  • abdullahiliman


  • Denise Nicollet

    j’ai téléchargé MacKeeper hier, le 9/09/2014, mais je n’ai pas pu l’installer
    le finder me dit que l’application est vide.
    J’ai payé par carte bleue j’ai eu la facture j’espère qu’il n’y aura pas de problème.
    pouvez vous me dire comment installer cet appli
    je les ai appelé ce matin mais ils ne parlent qu’anglais alors qu’hier c’était un automate qui parlait français.

  • Joy White

    This product does not work. I’ve tried to use 100 times over this year, and it never works.
    Make it work or stop advertising it!

    This has been one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever had. Bad product.

  • Joy White

    This reply section doesn’t even work! LOL!

  • Joy White

    This product does not work! Nor does this comment section.

  • Kim

    This is a very bad piece of software. After installing it all kind of stuff started going wrong
    de-installing it. Wishing them many viruses on their systems

  • John

    This thing is nothing but a hackers dream. It loaded itself without permission and now I cannot hit a key to enter any of my saved sites without it popping up and annoying me. I did as it instructed to un-install it but three days later this hack software is still at it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS!!!

  • Juan González

    To everyone reading this old review of MK. It’s a horrible piece of software I know. It wasn’t like that 5 years ago when I tried it. I’m sorry if people still read this old post and think it belongs to the current product. It doesn’t!