Labor day weekend game sales and top releases

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One of the things I love about digital game distribution is the tendency of publishers to run crazy good sales. Like the one going on right now at the iTunes App Store. Lots of terrific games are available for cheap on the iOS store this week. This weekend gaming article features a bit more madness than usual, since games are on sale for the Labor Day Weekend. Big gaming companies such as Sega, EA, Capcom, Gameloft and more are lowering their prices. Start prepping up your wallets, gamers, because there are nearly 50 iOS games from major publishers currently discounted in price.

For those with few plans for the long weekend, we recommend getting stuck in with Jetpack Joyride; its one of the best gaming apps out there.

DrawRace 2: $0.99
By Chillingo Ltd

The first game introduced us to the draw racing mechanic, and it hasn’t changed much this time around. You draw a line around a track, moving your finger quickly or slowly depending on how fast you want to go during that time, then you watch your car try to follow the line.

DrawRace 2

DrawRace 2 features five difficulty sections, 60 different race tracks, and three challenges per track. That means there are 180 challenges as you face one, two, and three opponents on each track. If that wasn’t enough, there are also three multiplayer modes including same device multiplayer. You can challenge Game Center friends, as well as compete in worldwide challenges. DrawRace 2 is a must buy as anyone will love skillfully drawing their path, and then focusing intently on how the race turns out.

Word Chat: $0.99
By GRL Games

Like word games? Excellent! Word Chat is similar to the popular Scrabble-look-a-like “Words with Friends” title, with a lot social gaming involved. This game follows the same path, but turns the knot a bit while putting a bit of twist in things. The thing though that makes this game stand out from most of the rest is the real time live video and chat games you can play using your device’s camera so you can play against your friends that have Game Center. Thanks to the front-facing camera in our iOS devices, you see your friends, chat to them, or taunt them if they are losing, pull faces and practically do whatever you like as you battle them in finding more words and getting a bigger score.

Word Chat features three modes of single player games, all of which are incredibly fun and addictive with some nice music and sounds as well as nice colourful and crisp graphics. If you still own an older third gen iPhone or iPod, don’t worry—you can still see your friends who do, and they can hear you via the device microphone.

Fruit Roll: $0.99
By Chillingo Ltd

Gameplay is super-simple; just tap the screen to make your Fruit jump, double tap to jump higher, and collect along the way stars and different coloured fruit, which you can then change to at any time simply by tapping on the coloured fruit you wish to become. You need to keep changing colour as these will have a different effect when you are playing and are needed to defeat the various different coloured enemies you will encounter as you play. Such as change to yellow fruit to defeat yellow worms, change to brown fruit to take out the brown monkeys and so on.

Fruit Roll

Up to three different coloured fruits can be collected at any time, and if you mange to collect three of the same you will transform into a manic, evil looking super fruit which will knock out any enemies in your path for a limited time. At the end of each level you will jump into a collection of stars, so be ready to double tap to collect as many as possible, and then it’s onto the next level.

Fruit Roll is an endless game, i.e. players run with no checkpoints through as many levels as possible and trying to keep your score high. This game has plenty of charm and features some very colourful graphics and a cool and funky soundtrack which will have you humming along. It’s sure to deliver fun for all ages.

Pocket RPG iPhone Edition: $0.99
By Crescent Moon Games

When starting the game, you choose one of three heroes to play as: A Ranger, a Sword Master, or a Battle Mage. Each class plays very differently, so make sure to test drive all of them. The gameplay is your usual dual stick combat. Move with the left stick, aim or attack with the right stick/button. You go into a quest and face off against hordes of enemies, rapidly leveling and acquiring tons of new loot as you go. The boss fights are especially challenging, when it’s more about utilizing your environment and waiting for the right window to strike rather than just spamming attacks.

Pocket RPG

Pocket RPG provides hours of fantasy hack ‘n slash mayhem. And there are Game Center achievements and leaderboards if you do manage to make it to the end. The graphics are stunning and game play is crisp. This app is on sale for only $0.99 for the launch, and I highly suggest you pick this one up.

Jetpack Joyride: $0.99
By Halfbrick Studios

Using simple, one-touch mechanics, players will touch on the screen to have Barry propel upwards on the kickback of bullets and lift their finger from the screen to help him fall in accordance with the laws of physics. The further you go, though, the more challenges Jetpack Joyride throws your way.

Jetpack Joyride

As you play, there are coins that will be scattered throughout the compound for Barry to try and collect. Once you’ve earned enough you’ll be able to buy everything from new costumes and jetpacks (the steam-powered one particularly tickled my fancy) to vehicle upgrades and one-off items to help you improve performance. Like most endless survival games, the big draw here is beating your own high score and the high scores of your friends. The game supports both OpenFeint and Game Center leaderboards, but what’s more, it has its own levelling system that should keep players striving to conquer new goals on a regular basis. This is a universal app, designed both for the iPad and iPhone; so there’s no need to purchase it twice.

MEGASTUNT™ Mayhem Pro: $2.99
By Level Eight AB

The game sees you handling a range of big monster trucks around a selection of arenas as you race, show off to the crowd, and destroy obstacles. There are plenty of opportunities to grab big air, pull off some tricks using the game’s gesture-based controls, and earn multipliers to boost your score. You can even pimp your vehicle, compete in challenges, and attempt to top the leaderboards.


Safari Zoo: Free
By Glu Games Inc.

In this simulation game, you’re in control of a safari zoo and all of its components. Your job is to protect and care for 24 different animal species in your very own wildlife Zoo. Tend to wild and endangered animals including chimps, zebras, lions, giraffes and elephants as you expand your Zoo to include guest tents, shops, visitor centers and more.

Safari Zoo

Safari Zoo is free to play. Players can purchase additional Coins (the in-game currency) for real money, which tend to keep many people too shy away from this kinds of game. Don’t let it; this game offers great visuals and gameplay that will keep you engaged while you make the necessary improvements to your zoo. If you are afraid you will accidentally buy something in the in-app purchase, there is a settings on the game menu which lets you toggle the ability to purchase in-game content.

Bloody Bunnies: Free
By Mentalwarp

Mentalwarp Games is pleased to announce the release of its first title for iOS mobile devices called Bloody Bunnies. There are three modes of play, two of them being multiplayer modes.

The gameplay is incredibly simple; players control a cute little bunny rabbit who needs to wipe out its on-screen cohorts. In order to accomplish this task, they have to jump on the other rabbits. There’s Deathmatch, Carrot Hunt (where the goal is to be the first to accumulate a certain number of carrots), Survival, and Custom (which allows players to blend elements from the other three modes. Unfortunately, these modes are all pretty basic, and they don’t have any real lasting appeal; there are no special attacks or abilities, and the platforming combat starts to get old much too quickly.

Bloody Bunnies

The gameplay is very repetitive, but the visuals are right on spot. There is room for improvement, like having different unique gameplay, but they did execute what they have well. It’s not a hardcore game, but it certainly quite fun and classic gameplay; the developers did a good job on those elements.

Mega Game Sale

Some apps are only on sale for the remainder of the day while others will be on sale all the way through the holiday weekend, so grab what you want while you can. If you’re a game addict don’t miss Gameloft and Electronic Art’s huge iOS game sale this weekend, everything is just $0.99, even their most popular titles.





(Resident Evil 4: Platinum and Mercenaries Vs. are both available 80% off their normal asking price.)


(Sega is running a modest Sonic sale, it offers $1-2 off all their iOS Sonic the Hedgehog titles.)

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