Android Recent Apps brings Android-style multitasking to jailbreakers

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Android Recent Apps by Fr0zen SunAlthough iOS delivers its many features in a very unique way, sometimes other platforms like Android implement features in a more user-friendly and productive way. This is the case, in my opinion, with the way multitasking is handled. Being the owner of both an iPad and an Android-powered Acer Liquid E smartphone, I have to say multitasking is much better with Android. The fact that I can simply access an overlay where I can switch/kill apps directly and easily access my recently used apps without having to leave them running makes the multitasking experience nearly perfect on Android.

The great thing about iOS, though, is that we have the jailbreak community to turn to for alternatives to Apple’s feature implementation. There are already quite a few multitasking alternatives available in Cydia, although Android Recent Apps by Fr0zen Sun aims to bring the familiar Android multitasking experience over to iOS. By launching Android Recent Apps through an Activator command, a small overlay listing recent applications is displayed, just like on Android. To close the overlay, you just simply tap the X, although unfortunately you can’t do so on running applications (in order to kill them) just yet; that feature is apparently on the way. Due to the Activator support (and therefore the ability to configure Android Recent Apps with a variety of available gestures), it does not have to replace the native iOS multitasking should you not want to (although it also can if you do).

Android Recent Apps has no configurable settings, other than through Activator, and is activated by default by holding the Home button for a short amount of time. The tweak is available on the Cydia Store now for $1.49, and runs on all iDevices (although iPad compatibility is buggy at the moment according to the developer) and iOS 4 versions (iOS 5 not yet supported).

If you’re a fan of Android’s multitasking like I am, be sure to give Android Recent Apps a try.

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