Bleacher Report updates Team Stream for the football season

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Team StreamIf you’re the type of football fan who follows the sport outside of game day, you likely know all about Bleacher Report. You may want to know, then, that the “Web’s leading publisher of original and entertaining sports content” has updated their Team Stream app for the iPhone in time for the 2011 NFL season. Dive into articles from Bleacher Report and the best sports publishers on the web, which you can set up to view by your favorite teams.

Team Stream features include:

  • Push notifications direct from Bleacher Report editors about the latest news and developments.
  • Fans can easily customize to follow their favorite teams—setting up is a snap.
  • Each team stream is made up from the best sports content from around the web, including tweets from athletes and sportswriters, hand-picked by Bleacher Report editors.

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