BGR sources claim Apple will soon release iOS 5

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iOS 5 Lock Screen

Boy Genius Report is the latest to throw some weight behind the chatter that Apple is preparing to release its mobile operating system for an early October launch. BGR says that according to their trusted sources, iOS 5 beta 8 will be released this Friday, September 16th, followed by the gold master on September 23rd. We are just about due for a new beta, so this theory seems on target with other rumors swirling around the blogosphere for an iPhone october launch date. This announcement is the next best thing to getting an actual release date for iOS 5, since a “golden master,” in software terms, is essentially the finished product. The report wasn’t clear what the iOS 5 beta 8 will include, but at this stage of development, we should expect only few bug fixes. 

Earlier this week, AppleInsider and MacRumors cited comments by Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities expressing that Apple might launch the golden master version of iOS 5 between September 23 and 30. I’m not saying that two rumors equals truth, but these do suggest Apple will release the new version of its iOS along with next generation iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5, sometime in October.

Now the question I’m pretty sure everyone is asking is, “When will we to get to download the iOS 5?” We’re still unclear on that, but hearing word of a seeding of the gold master release is a very promising sign that the new operating system will soon be ready for public release.

Via [Boy Genius Report]

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