Street Fighter IV Volt for iPhone and iPod touch review

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Category: Games
Seller: Capcom
Requirements: iOS 4.2 or later
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
File Size: 443MB
Version Reviewed: 1.02.00
Price: $2.99
Age Rating: 9+ (infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence)

When Capcom released Street Fighter IV for iPhone and iPod Touch, I was probably among the first to download it. If we’re to judge the iPhone and iPod touch as portable gaming devices, Street Fighter has to be on its catalog of games. And so, Street Fighter IV debuted on the iOS with a bang. And now we have the follow-up: Street Fighter IV Volt.

So, how do you improve on an already great iOS game? Provide the feature fans are craving: multiplayer online gaming. Being an obedient game developer, that’s what Capcom just did, and the result is Street Fighter IV Volt for our iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (it’s not a universal app, though, and scaling on the iPad is simply not that stunning).

Street Fighter IV Volt screenshot 1

Street Fighter IV Volt brings all the good features of the previous game and added a few more goodies. You get 20 characters to play (as of the latest update, Fei Long and Yun was added), each with his/her signature moves, attacks and combos which are not easy to execute on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

In addition, Capcom also added a new mode called “Wandering Warrior,” which is quite confusing as it is not a typical vs. fighting game nor a survival mode component. In fact, this mode is so confusing that I give up trying to understand what it is for, but that did not spoil the fun of the whole SF IV Volt game for me. It’s just a minor addition which you can neglect since there are other modes available for you to play on your own. These include Free-Sparring, Survival, Training, and Challenge.

Street Fighter IV Volt screenshot 2

Now let’s go to the new major feature added to the game: multiplayer mode. You have two options here: Bluetooth Versus or Online Versus. Bluetooth pits you against your friend via Bluetooth connection and Online is the real deal, multiplayer player versus battle via Wi-Fi.

There are two ways in which you can engage in an online versus mode: either tap on the Online Versus mode from the main menu or get challenged while you’re playing in solo mode. For this to happen, you need to enable “Fight Request” in the settings. Once you’ve accepted a challenge, the game quickly starts and you’ll see your characters either get beaten by a more experience opponent or beat him instead.

For an online multiplayer fighting game, SF IV Volt is amazingly fast despite my slow Internet connection. I rarely experienced lag while in the middle of a battle. The game moves swiftly, and you would hardly notice that you are actually playing against another player on the other side of the world. It’s like playing the Solo mode.

Street Fighter IV Volt screenshot 3

Overall, Street Fighter IV Volt for iPhone and iPod touch has everything you’d look for in a successful update of an old home console classic. Everything about the game—graphics, gameplay and sounds—is truly astounding. If you’re a Street Fighter fan, like most of us, grab this game and enjoy SF once more.

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Street Fighter IV Volt Review

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