Apple removes click wheel iPod games from the iTunes Store

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Click wheel iPod gamesAdding weight to the rumors that Apple is planning to discontinue the iPod Classic and Shuffle models, the company has removed click wheel iPod games from the iTunes Store. Click wheel iPods haven’t seen a new game since February of 2009 when Apple stopped supporting development to focus strictly on iOS. The click wheel games, however, remained in the iTunes Store until recently when they were pulled (there is no word on when exactly that happened, though).

Strangely, Apple has not removed its advertisements highlighting the ability to purchase and play these games from the iPod classic’s features page and the iTunes A to Z page. Right now, it is unclear what Apple is planning for the iPod Classic and Shuffle models, although no refreshes or news about either does suggest a discontinuation in the near future.

Steve Jobs confirmed through an email to a customer last year that Apple had no plans to discontinue the iPod Classic. The only thing is, Jobs isn’t CEO anymore, and this stance could have certainly changed since then. Time will tell what Apple decides to do with these two iPod models, but we wouldn’t count on them being around for much longer.

Via [MacRumors]

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  • GKC

    I happen to like my Ipod Nano clickwheel and was going to purchase a few more games…..but Thanks to the GURU's at ITUNES……they removed all of them. My grandson got a nano touch and the darn thing wouldn't work……and quite frankly I don't want to spend $200 plus dollars for a new one…..So how about it Itunes —–return the games already ok!

  • shannon

    I think it is really bad when companies start to discontinue something without warning consumers that they are doing so, i know this wouldn’t help sell devices, but it would help to build trust. I love my ipod classic and would love to be able to add more games to it. Not everyone wants an ipod touch or ipad and considering the cost of devices such as the ipod classic you would think that Apple would have more interest in keeping consumers happy. Really not happy that the click wheel games have been removed. Yet another thing that puts me off Apple as a company, I do prefer companies that consider their customers more.