Rumor: Apple sending iCloud welcome emails to some users

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iCloud Welcome

With the October 4th Apple media event getting closer, it looks like Apple is making its final preparation for the imminent release of its iCloud service. A reader forwarded an e-mail to the news division over at Appleinsider showing Apple might be launching this new service along with the iPhone 5. The email advises the user to use his own Apple ID to set up the account, and in order to do so he needs to follow some instructions before the final set-up. Any attempt to click on the instructions link takes you to an Apple page that clearly states, “the page you’re looking for can’t be found.” According to Appleinsider, Apple might have accidentally sent this invitation a bit early due to some wrong calculations or for testing purposes.

The email continues to further explain the integration iCloud brings to all iOS devices, “Once iCloud is set up, it stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices,” the email says. “For example, buy a song with iTunes on your computer, and it will appear on your iPod touch and iPad.” In the email description it shows us that iCloud is much more than to store music, “When you snap a photo on your iPhone, it will automatically be sent to your iPad. You can start creating a Pages document on your iPhone, and put the finishing touches on it from your iPad. There’s no need to dock or sync to your computer. With iCloud, it just works.”

Apple’s iCloud replaces MobileMe, and it adds more features than MobileMe services. As with MobileMe, iCloud syncs calendars, contacts, mail, and documents. It’s said the iCloud service will provide 5GB of free storage, while being able to store up to 20,000 songs purchased from iTunes. Photos won’t count against your limit.

iCloud is set to debut around the fall, yet this email illustrates Apple might have plans to launch the iCloud service alongside their new iPhone product line on the October 4th Apple event.

Via [Appleinsider]

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  • Czarembo

    For we or at users – it would be worthwhile to understand what the suffix is? How about providing some more detailed information?

  • jonathan pena

    From my countless hours of research into this, it seems that it was sent to mobileme users to their personal emails. If was only sent out to a few people, I'm a registered mobileme user and not received that yet.

  • Julia

    Nice! Sounds like a cool service!

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