Quick look at the new iPod nano and iPod touch

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There were many rumors about the iPod’s demise leading up to Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone media event, but Apple once again surprised everyone by making improvements to the iPod nano and iPod touch.

iPod total sales

Tim Cook went over the amazing success the iPod has had over the last ten years with over 300 million sold. It’s become the #1 music player in the world with market share in the U.S. above 70% the entire time. There are over 20 million songs in iTunes and over 16 billion songs have been downloaded which makes it the #1 music store in the world.

iPod nano new interface

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, announced the new iPod nano with a revamped interface. You can now swipe between icons instead of keeping them organized in a grid, which will make them easier to see and use.

iPod nano fitness

They’ve also enhanced the Fitness feature, and with the built-in accelerometer it can keep track of how far you run or walk with no adapter or accessories required. You can also connect the iPod nano to a Nike + iPod compatible cardio machine and keep track of all of your exercise. After you’re at home you can upload your exercise data to the Nike+ website to create personal goals, check your progress, and challenge your friends to top your results.

iPod Nano as a wrist watch

Wearing the iPod nano on your wrist as a watch has become popular, so Apple has released 16 new clock faces.

iPod Nano cost

The iPod nano is available now in a variety of colors. The 8GB model costs $129 and the 16GB model costs $149.

iPod touch black and white

The iPod Touch is now available in both black and white, with the 8GB model costing $199 ($30 cheaper than before). the 32GB model costs $299, and the 64GB model will run $399. You can buy these starting October 12th.

iPod models

Neither the iPod shuffle or classic was discontinued as rumored, and although the iPod classic isn’t in this picture it’s still available for purchase at the Apple Store for $249 with 160GB of storage.

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