iPhone 4S pre-orders reached 1 million in one day

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iPhone 4S pre-orders reach 1 millionAnd just like that, the iPhone 4S reached the 1 million pre-order mark, easily surpassing the first day pre-order mark of the iPhone 4. Apple has officially announced that the iPhone 4S has beaten the record which was previously owned by the iPhone 4. Did we all expect this too happen? Personally, I did not, for the simple reason that I’ve been reading feedbacks from current iPhone 4 users who said they are not upgrading to the iPhone 4S and would rather wait for iPhone 5. But it seems many have changed their mind.

Apple has even declared the pre-orders for iPhone 4S are by far the most for any of the new products they have launched. Take note, this is only for the first few countries where the iPhone 4S was first released. How much more if Apple makes the iPhone 4S available to other countries?

Are you one of these 1 million people who pre-ordered the iPhone 4S on day one?

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