Apple releases iTunes Movie Trailers app

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iTunes Movie Trailers app

Along with the release of iOS5, iTunes 10.5 and other major software updates from Apple come several new iOS apps. One of these apps is iTunes Movie Trailers. I don’t know if this just escapes me or what, but I don’t recall hearing about this new app before. The iTunes Movie Trailers is a pretty good looking app which gives you the newest and most exclusive previews of upcoming movies. The app lets you browse trailers, clips and featurettes for the Hollywood blockbusters and independent cinema releases. Additionally, the app also provides you access to high-quality HD photos, and allows you to explore schedules of movie releases and search for showtimes of movies in theaters near you.

Complete features of iTunes Movie Trailers include:

  • Access hundreds of movie trailers, clips, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and images, available in HD or SD.
  • Explore an interactive, year-long release calendar that helps you plan when you’ll be going to the theaters.
  • Save favorite movies and theaters for immediate access anytime.
  • Search what’s playing at your local theaters and purchase tickets directly from your iPad or iPhone.
  • Save images to your iPad photo gallery, to use as iPad or desktop wallpapers or send to your friends.
  • Browse top charts to view the most downloaded trailers, box office rankings, and top movies on iTunes to buy or rent.
  • Enjoy your favorite movie trailers on your TV with AirPlay and Apple TV.
  • Email or tweet trailer recommendations to your friends.
  • Use iCloud to push your favorite theaters and movie trailers to all of your iOS devices.

So far, the app looks pretty good. Trailers load quickly and playback is pretty smooth. The coverage is pretty extensive. In fact, if you haven’t watched the Avengers movie trailer which spread across social media sites recently, you can watch it again in full HD goodness via the iTunes Movie Trailers.

The app is available as a free download from the App Store.

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