Pluraleyes 2 video synching software review

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Provides: Video syncing
Developer: Singular Software
Minimum System Requirements: OS X v10.5.8, Final Cut Pro 6.0.6 or 7.0.3 (FCP X is not supported yet), Premiere Pro CS4 or CS5
Review Device: 13” Macbook Pro, iPhone 4, iPad
Price: $149.00
Availability: Out now

Pluraleyes is a piece of magical software that solves a very specific problem: synching video from multiple sources of the same event. The original was a godsend, you import your footage into the timeline (each camera on its own track), open the Pluraleyes (PE) application, make sure it’s pointed at the right sequence, and click. Working very quickly, PE analyzed the audio source and flawlessly lined up the video, which meant you could switch cameras easily without the frustrating work of nudging bits of video one frame at a time, trying to get the good sound from Camera 1 to match up the with good video from Camera 2. Pluraleyes has been updated to version 2, and the big change is that it runs faster.

Pluraleyes 2 synced footage

As far as a review how the software works: that’s it. It’s so astonishingly simple that it shouldn’t work as well as it does. But it does. The only thing that matters is that all the video sources have an audio source that PE can match. The software offers two finishing options: it can create a multiclip sequence (if the dimensions of the source match) allowing you to quickly switch between camera angles on the fly, or a sequence where the clips are lined up (which means you’ll have to cut the clips by hand). And once you have them lined up, you can drop out all but the best audio. And with the rise of DSLRs for videography, PE has another use as well: combining the video from the camera (and its primitive audio) with a separate, better audio source.

Here’s a demo of a finished product. Pluraleyes 2 took about a minute to process all four video sources:

Pluraleyes 2 fixes an aggravating, picayune problem quickly and simply. At $149, it’s not cheap, but in terms of the time you’ll save trying to move clips back and forth, frame by frame, it’s worth it. It’s one of those programs you expect Apple to buy and integrate into the program.

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Pluraleyes 2 review

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