Customizable Slider Case for iPhone 4/4S review

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Provides: Protection for iPhone
Developer: Coveroo
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 4/4S
Price: $24.95 (+$5.00 custom text, +$5.00 color logo)
Availability: Now

Football and hockey season are now well underway, as evidenced by the all the lawn flags proudly unfurled throughout suburban America and maybe Canada…I haven’t been up there to check. But how do you let people who haven’t asked know what sports collective you support if lawn decorations and window stickers aren’t your thing? You customize your iPhone case. The NFL’s stranglehold on the sports world means pro football cases aren’t yet available for the iPhone (will this change now that Sprint has the iPhone?), but the NHL is well represented. This year, I took a look at Coveroo’s iPhone 4/4S Slider Case and was quite impressed, but with one ongoing issue.

The Slider Case is a hard shell polycarbonate case with that attractive metallic sheen to it that drives me insane. I love the way it looks, but it doesn’t last. Fingerprints muddy it up quite quickly, and the finish scratches off easily and even smears away when wet. It’s annoying, because it looks so great when it arrives, but it won’t last you a full season.

Slider Case for iPhone 4/4S

The construction will, however. The Slider Case is tough, and functionally, it’s exactly what I want a case to be. The openings are all wide enough for easy access, although some older headphone models may have trouble slipping past the headphone jack opening. The Slide Case is a bit thick, but it never felt as if it was adding bulk to the iPhone. Even the open side for the screen is well designed, as it rises just high enough to keep the screen off a surface, but it doesn’t interfere when you need to use the edges of your iPhone screen.

Slider Case for iPhone 4/4S

The best feature, however, is that the bottom 1/4 slides right off for easy docking. Your iPhone will snap into the top portion, and then you slide up the bottom part for total protection. When you need to dock the phone on a device that’s not compatible with the case, you can easily slide off the bottom part. When you’re ready to go, it just slides right back on. The entire case, in fact, is easy to apply and remove, but it remains steadily in place when in use.

The main appeal of the Slider Case, though, is the customization. Coveroo offers more design options than you’ll need, ranging from pop culture to Chinese characters to holidays to The Godfather. I’m focusing on sports, though, and the process of getting set up for my Minnesota Wild was very easy. I chose the Slider Case first, which luckily had a red option that closes matches the Wild logo. Considering the only color optons available are black, white, red, blue and magenta, however, you may be out of luck.

Slider Case for iPhone 4/4S

I then selected my design from the nine Minnesota Wild options available. Your team may have more or less. The website will give you a rendering of how the design will look, and you’ll likely want to play around; the logo I chose wasn’t my first choice, but it worked better on the phone.

Slider Case for iPhone 4/4S

You can then choose whether you want to have a color logo or engraved single color. The success of an engraved logo will likely depend upon your choice of design. The color logo is $5.00 more, but I liked it better. You can also spend an additional $5.00 for custom text (15 characters max) in your choice of eight fonts. Again, if you’re going with sports, you may not have much luck finding a font matching that of your team.

And that’s it. Pay for it, wait about a week for it to arrive, and you’re all set. As I mentioned before, it’ll look great when you open it, but its visual longevity will depend upon how you use it. That could be a blessing, though; maybe you won’t want it around after a few months. Personally, I’m hoping my particular case will last me at least through next June, but that’s not up to me. That’s up to the Wild. Scuffed up or not, the Slider Case remains in place until the logo on the back is no longer relevant. My phone will remain safe, even if my hopes for a Stanley Cup victory do not.

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iPhone 4/4S Slide Case review

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