Google maps app shows alternative routes in iOS 5

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Google Maps

One of the over 200 new features of iOS 5 that went unnoticed until recently was a silent upgrade to the Google Maps app. The app can now display alternative route directions, which was not possible previous versions. If you choose Suggested Routes, the map displays various routes along with their distances and estimated times along with their appropriate colors for congestion levels.

iOS 5 route optionsHere how to use this new feature in iOS 5:

  1. Tap Google maps on your iOS home screen, then look for directions in the Maps app.
  2. Select route, then you will be presented with alternate routes.
  3. Tap the route you would like and hit Start to begin your navigation.

Another feature found hidden within the maps application is a way for users to simply print their map directions from the application. If you have a compatible AirPrint-enabled printer, you are good to go; just tap away and it will automatically print the page.

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    iOS is amazing really if Google is mixing in it means its awesome.