Apple lawsuit wrap-up for October 2011

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Apfelkind logo with waffles

In addition to the usual patent lawsuits, there were a few alleged copyright and trademark violations in October 2011 as well.

  • An Austin photographer is suing Apple because two apps used pictures she took and removed her copyright notices and credits. She’s suing Apple because the apps weren’t removed from the App Store even after being contacted.
  • Apple has sued a German café called Apfelkind, which means “apple baby,” accusing them of copying the likeness of the Apple logo. I can understand wanting to protect the Apple logo, but this seems a bit ridiculous to me. In my opinion, Apple shouldn’t be the only company to be able to use an apple as a logo, and if you confuse a waffle for an iPad you have more serious problems than a logo can fix.
  • Six Chinese authors have sued Apple alleging that their books were sold illegally on the App Store and Apple was wrongly profiting from their sale. Right now they want about a million dollars, but said that China’s publishing industry lost 154 million dollars which suggests that future lawsuits may be coming.
  • You may remember about the second iPhone prototype that got lost at a bar and how Apple employees may or may not have impersonated policemen to talk to someone who may or may not have had anything to do with the phone. Well, as expected, he may or may not sue Apple because he wants to know what happened and why. I’m sure money is involved, too, although the article doesn’t mention it.
  • A man in Sacramento, California is suing Apple because the 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros don’t have a good enough power adapter and you can’t replace them with a different one due to unique magnetized adapters. The man is seeking class-action status for the lawsuit and you can read the lawsuit (PDF) here.
  • Patently Apple has a great article describing the lawsuits from Personal Audio LLC against Apple; their arguments, the patents in question, and what they want. It’s a bit of a long read, but very well-written and interesting.
  • The aMusic app that allowed you to use Amazon’s Cloud Drive service has been removed from the App Store due to legal reasons, and the developer has no idea when or if it will return.
  • Apple has settled the class-action lawsuit about the cost of songs on the iTunes store and using gift cards. If you purchased songs priced at $1.29 on or before May 10, 2010, with an iTunes gift card that said songs from the online store were $0.99 you’re eligible for $3.25 which can be used anywhere at the iTunes store. Go here to find out how to get the credit if you think you qualify.
  • SightSound Technology is suing Apple for violating three patents, and it has already won court cases against other companies. Will Apple be able to emerge victorious? Patently Apple has a great article which describes the lawsuit and the patents, so it’s a great place to get all of the details.
  • Finally, in the Apple vs. Samsung worldwide legal war, both companies are trying to get the other company’s products banned in various countries. So far, only Apple has had any success. This probably is what led Samsung to want to offer a settlement offer in Australia, but Apple is out for blood and refused. Samsung hoped Tim Cook might be willing to stop the lawsuits and come to an agreement, but they seem to have reconsidered as Samsung wants to look at the iPhone 4S firmware source code.
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