Steve Jobs guided Zuckerberg on building Facebook

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Steve Jobs

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed in an interview with Charlie Rose that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs helped him focus on building his company and with choosing the right management team. Zuckerberg talked about his time with Steve Jobs: “I had a lot of questions for him…how to build a team around you that’s focused on building as high quality and good things as you are…the aesthetics and kind of mission orientation of companies.”

Zuckerberg dalso looked to Jobs’ advice for dealing with the pressure from Google.

The respect was mutual. In his biography “Steve Jobs,” author Walter Isaacson wrote that Jobs said that he admired Zuckerberg “…for not selling out, for wanting to make a company.”

The interview with Zuckerberg is now available in its entirety on Rose’s website. The discussion about Steve Jobs begins at the 20-minute mark.

Read [Charlie Rose] Via [AllThingsD]

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