November 8, 2011, Macintosh product updates

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Macintosh software and hardware updatesMacintosh product updates and announcements for November 8, 2011:


  • Aspyr is celebrating National Call of Duty Week by offering 50% our Call of Duty Mac titles through the Mac App store, and through Other select vendors also are celebrating with new pricing and promotions. Gamers can find Call of Duty: Deluxe ($14.99), Call of Duty2 ($14.99), and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ($19.99) call on the Mac App store and at the new low price, good through next Tuesday.
  • The NetSpot Team has announced that NetSpot version 1.1 is now available for download. NetSpot 1.1 lets anyone run a quick and extremely effective Wi-Fi site survey and quickly map wireless coverage of a living area, office space, new building, etc. NetSpot Wi-Fi mapper makes it super-easy to diagnose areas of poor reception in your Wi-Fi network, as well as locate troublesome areas of noise-generating machinery that could be causing wireless traffic issues.
  • Code’n’Web has announced TexturePackerPro 2.4.0 for OS X, an update to their software development tool that creates and optimizes sprite sheets in 15 different output formats for iOS, Android, and Web frameworks. Sprite sheets are invaluable for their ability to speed development time, simplify graphics, minimize memory usage, and reduce load times. TexturePackerPro is a drag’n’drop solution that offers control over all variables of sprite sheet creation and image optimization.
  • Derek Clark has announced Ez Budget 1.1 for Mac OS X. By providing a simple software interface, Ez Budget helps you implement an envelope budgeting system without having to deal with lots of real envelopes or carrying cash. It does this by securely syncing with your bank account and downloading your transactions. You simply allocate your income to the envelopes you want and then categorize your transactions as they come in.
  • publicspace has announced Vitamin-R 1.72, an update to its productivity tool designed to let you recapture the lost art of joyful concentration. Vitamin-R breaks down large, vaguely defined tasks into a series of short time slices of between 10 and 30 minutes, each with specific, easily reachable and actionable objectives – helping to improve focus and overcome procrastination. Version 1.72 adds the ability to progressively dim the screen before the end of a time slice or timed break.
  • The official client for the Alter Aeon Online RPG is now available in the Apple Mac Store. Allowing free access to the world of Alter Aeon for Mac users, the game world is a realm of magic and monsters, with five character classes and over 250 spells and skills available to players. There are more than 300 quests which detail the world and provide paths for advancement, as well as single player areas for casual gamers and arenas for PvP combat.
  • Akitio has announced the availability of the company’s second-generation personal cloud server, the MyCloud Duo. Featuring a Web-based file browser and media player to manage and playback media files, as well as a Web portal at for remote access, the MyCloud Duo personal cloud server provides the convenience of accessing a home server anywhere in the world.
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