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Style Checker is an app that lets you color match your clothing ensembles and get a resulting determination of your “style”—not whether it is good or bad, but whether your style is “innocent,” “dismissive,” “erotic,” “dishonest,” etc. You can also point your iPhone’s camera at another person and use Style Checker to get a judgment on what their “style” is.

How does it work?

Initial navigation is confusing, as it looks like there are only two options: Man or Woman. The option to change the outfit for matching is hidden behind a tap on the “Match [name of clothing ensemble]” button. There are a total of two men’s outfits and three women’s outfits; assuming you find the attire you wish to color match, you can proceed to build the outfit starting with any piece, and the app restricts the color choices for the other articles in the outfit to only matching shades (though the matching colors are not always guaranteed winners). Further choices restrict the color options of remaining items even further, so you can pick the right accessory to go with the shirt/pant combo you have built.

Style Checker Determination

Once you have a completed outfit, the app gives you a rather cryptic definition of the style, ranging from “elegant” to “bad” to “salty” (yes, apparently matching a dark grey tie with a green shirt makes you salty). The app offers no insight whatsoever into the way this determination is made, so it offers no benefit other than the occasional laugh. The ability to use your iDevice’s camera to get a style determination on yourself or one of your friends is similarly obtuse, and generally not good for truly learning about your friends’ style.

Style Checker Photo Capture

Is it contagious?

Hardly. There are a number of issues with this app that make even its $0.99 price tag too steep, though there is luckily a free “Lite” version if you really want to give it a whirl. Issues include the use of tiny, unlabeled color swatches that make picking colors too hard, as well as a very limited selection of clothing combos. Men get a suit-jacket-tie choice, while women get a pantsuit-blouse-shoes and casual pants-top-sweater choices; both get a rather garish jacket-scarf-hat combo.

The main point of this app is to make a determination of your style from over 100 “associations,” meaning the personality attributes frequently ascribed to particular colors. Selecting a green jacket with a grey scarf and cap (which looks remarkably like an Oliver Twist prop) makes you dishonest—but according to whom? Some determinations are more obvious, such as a black suit/white shirt/gold tie which is labeled “elegant;” though in fairness, that could also be labelled “boring” or “conservative.”

As a color matching app, Style Checker falls short. As an actual style checker, the app is good for some polite tittering at the bizarre results of style determinations. Best to hang onto your 99 cents for something else in the App Store.

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