[Rumor] Apple’s iPad 3 will have 2048 x 1536 Retina Display

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Rumors that the iPad 3 will sport a super-high Retina display with resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels are beginning to intensify. Although there have been several photos floating of such a display appearing in partially built outer shells of iPad 3 or in circuit board components, there were still conflicting reports about whether Apple‘s next iPad will feature a high-resolution LCD display.

Now, MacRumors has claimed they have confirmation that the next iPad will definitely carry a Retina Display. They report that they got ahold of an alleged iPad 3 display through a third-party supplier. It has a 9.7″ diagonal measure, but when looked under a microscope, things begin to appear a little different.

The display pixels seemed to be more densely-packed, resulting in the rumored 2048 x 1536 higher resolution, almost twice of the previous generations. MacRumors explains on how they reached this conclusion:

… a raw iPad 3 display with no method to power it, taking high quality photos of the pixels was difficult. Still, even with the relatively poor lighting, you can easily make out the pixels on each display (made up of red, green and blue elements). We highlighted a cluster of 4 pixels (2×2) from the iPad 2 to compare it to the same area on the iPad 3. On the iPad 3, the same cluster was occupied by 16 pixels (4×4) — exactly twice the resolution in each direction.

If Apple decides to switch to Retina Display (Apple’s own trademark for displays of High-Resolution), it will make text and graphics—along with other UI elements—look smoother and sharper.

Bear in mind to treat this report as a rumor for now, as there won’t be any sort of confirmation from Apple until CEO Tim Cook decides to take the stage at a possible March Apple iPad event. However, evidence does all point towards an iPad Retina Display happening. Specially, the leaked images of the Sharp-made display panels for the third generation iPad, which was discovered by the Japanese Blog Macotakara.

Via [MacRumors]

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