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If you happen to love your retro games, then your iPhone or your iPad can be a lifesaver. You can play without setting up antique consoles or buying older games for your hand held game consoles, and the Retro Games app seems a fitting place to start.

What is it?

Retro GamesRetro games is designed to emulate the old LED games of digital watches and the original GameBoy; the ones that use a line and a simple bit of block movement to make a game. If you really want to have an older and simpler gaming experience, Retro Games is for you. If, however, you want to enjoy some of the bigger retro games—something along the lines of Frogger or Pac Mac—then you will not want this app. Think of this more like the original games on early cell phones.

How does it work?

The game has basic controls that let you shuffle between the games. They’re equally simplistic in-game. This gives the games a very realistic sense of old-fashioned game play, which those seeking nostalgia will enjoy.

Is it contagious?

Not really, but you can enjoy them for free. If you’re seeking specific titles from your youth, however, you’ll have to keep looking.

Category: Games
Developer: NOMOC Publishing
Cost: Free
Download: Retro Games

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