Apple offers $80 to $100 price reductions on refurbished iPad 2

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Refurbished iPad 2

A recent Nielsen survey showed that the iPad is the most wanted gifts of this Christmas season. That may be why Apple has lowered the $499 starting price of the refurbished iPad 2. Starting today, Apple is offering the refurbished base iPad 2 16GB WiFi model for $419 dollars. For the higher capacity iPad 2, Apple is offering great discounts of $80 to $100. Buyers will still enjoy a one year warranty, and each refurbished product is thoroughly tested by Apple.

And if you find that having a camera on a tablet isn’t a necessity, Apple continues to offer the refurbished original iPad for the low cost of $399 dollars for a 32 GB Wi-Fi+3G and $499 dollars for a 64 GB Wi-Fi+3G models.

If you’re still debating buying a tablet this year, this deal from Apple could make things a bit sweeter.

Via [Apple Online Store]

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