The Festive Apple: Gift list management and music iOS apps

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Looking to get your last minute Christmas gift decisions and shopping organized and under control? There are apps for that, and also to provide seasonally-appropriate and stress-soothing background music as you negotiate the last minute rush.


Christmas Radio (free)

ChristmasradioHoliday music lovers across the globe are getting an early Christmas gift courtesy of the talented mobile app developers at, who have released an update to their popular and completely free Christmas Radio app.

Featuring a streamlined interface designed for iPhone, iPad and Android, the update allows listeners of all ages to enjoy a wide variety of Christmas hits from 40 unique stations.

Some of this year’s more popular stations include: Xmas in Frisko, Jazz Radio Christmas and Kristmas Kountry.

There’s also North Pole Radio, which broadcasts directly from the North Pole, a detail that is sure to delight even the most sceptical of Santa-doubting kids.

And probably more than a few adults, too.

Christmas Radio 5.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category.

Product [Christmas Radio]

Gift List Apps

GiftShopper 1.0 ($1.99)

giftshopperThe Gamma Project has announced GiftShopper 1.0, which has been featured by Apple on the iTunes homepage, in the New and Noteworthy section. Giftshopper—released Dec 5, 2011—is a new, stylish app for collecting, organizing and sharing your gift ideas.

The app tracks your purchases and ensures that you stay within your gift giving budget. It’s ideal for Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other special events.

GiftShopper will keep all your gift ideas and spendings clear, organized and instantly comprehensible. You will never forget a person or a gift again! GiftShopper shines in its simplicity of usage and design, while providing an outstanding user interface. With a clean user interface, the app includes no instructions for use; all operations are intuitive and trouble-free.

You can easily manage your gift lists in four simple steps. When first starting the application, you get a straightforward instruction to enter your gift budget. The app automatically retrieves your home currency from your device’s settings, so you don’t ever have to bother with it.

Once your budget is set, another hint will instruct you to add the persons for whom you want to buy. The UI to enter the recipients is very lean and easy to use; you can type in a name, or select a person from the iPhone’s Contacts, which is a handy addition. After adding the recipients, composing the gift list is also very simple; just add the gift’s description, price and a photo—none of these are mandatory, though. For example you might want only to record the photo of the planned gift as an idea. When assigning photos to a gift you can take a photo or load an image from your Photos Library.


Once the gift list for a given person is ready, you can mark items as purchased by simply tapping on the circle icon. If all items are marked as purchased, the app will automatically mark the given person with a visible checkmark. This way you can instantly see whether you’ve bought all the planned gifts for everybody.

The main UI contains all the information you need to track your gift or souvenir spending. You can instantly see how many gifts you’ve purchased and how much money you’ve spent by person and in total. The progress bar on the top shows how much you’ve spent from the planned budget, and it turns red if you’ve exceeded it. A nice feature is that you can share your gift lists via email. The email includes your gifting database as a nicely formatted html, in plain text and csv. The latter format can be edited in your preferred spreadsheet application.

GiftShopper 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.

Product [GiftShopper]

Christmas Lister 1.0 ($0.99)

Jordan Morgan Apps has introduced Christmas Lister 1.0 for iOS, their new utility app that allows users to create multiple Christmas gift lists, complete with estimated prices, total costs, and items already purchased. Featuring an elegant parchment and brown leather stationery set, the warmth and richness of Christmas Lister’s design enhances the pleasure of gift giving. Recipient names are embossed on silver ribbon, they can be checked off as “naughty” or “nice,” optional snowflakes fall from the top of the screen, and optional holiday music plays.


At launch in portrait orientation, the app displays the “All Christmas Lists” screen, a vertically scrolling list where each person is listed by name, printed alternately in festive green and red typography. Touching any name or blank field brings up the list editor. The “View a List” screen displays one list that fills the screen. Conveniently, Christmas Lister allows the user to easily email or SMS any gift list created for themselves or for another.

The app also includes a light-hearted “My Christmas Tree” screen, displaying a virtual Christmas tree, festively wrapped surprise gifts, and an animated hearth. When the user touches the present that is blinking in the top right, wrapped presents fall from the top of the screen. The gifts appear weightless and float around the screen as it is tilted. Touching one reveals the name of a listed gift.

Christmas Lister 1.0 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

Product [Christmas Lister]

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