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There may not be a jailbreak somewhere in this town, but Atari lets you have a go with Breakout Boost. Atari sends you back to the arcade, but you don’t need quarters this time.

Breakout Boost

What is it?

Breakout Boost is a five level, free preview version of the classic Breakout game. While the iDevice version presents a much smaller view, the graphics are clean and smooth. A new twist is you get to set the speed of the game; the faster you let the ball fly, the more points you score. For anyone out there who has not tried Breakout or any of its followers, the game is a bit like playing racquetball by yourself. The first screen is the classic wall o’ bricks, but later levels get a bit more creative.

Breakout Boost

How does it work?

There are very few games as simple to play as Breakout Boost. There is a paddle at the bottom of the screen which requires only one finger to control. To start playing you will need to tap the screen to launch the ball. Where you tap is where the first launch will go, so chose your target wisely; you won’t have much time to reposition your finger on the paddle control point. The movement options you have are left or right; just keep the paddle under the ball when it gets to the bottom of the screen. It’s pretty simple, but not necessarily the easiest thing to do if you turn up the speed.

The game will also drop bonuses you can catch with your paddle. There are extra points to be had, a splitter that doubles the number of balls in play and one that lets your paddle shoot tiny missiles that destroy bricks. The only other option is that you have a slide on the left side of the screen to set how fast the ball flies. You can set the speed based on point value from one to ten times the base. Be careful, though—speed kills, especially on a small screen.

Breakout Boost

Is it contagious?

Oh, yes; this is as much fun as the first arcade version. It’s a straightforward game that pits you against the machine. The gameplay gets faster as you progress, but just enough to keep your competitive spirit engaged and wanting more.

The only caution I can provide is that as the part of the screen you are touching warms up as friction increases. While I was playing there were a couple of instances of a lost ball when I tried to slide the paddle and my finger didn’t exactly glide effortlessly across the screen. No big deal—just throwing it out there. All things considered, this game is a bit old school but well worth playing.

Category: Arcade/action game
Developer: Atari
Cost: Free
Download: Breakout Boost

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