Apple adds “Complete My Season Pass” to iTunes Movie Store

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Complete My Season PassFor buyers who want to complete their purchase of a full music album, iTunes offers “Complete My Album.” The feature permits users who bought individual songs from the iTunes Music Store to upgrade to the full album at a discounted price. However, iTunes didn’t have that option for many of its current TV shows. Previously, users had the choice of either buying the whole season of a program or single episodes; if you bought a couple episodes and decided to purchase the full season, you had to pay full price. Now, with the introduction of “Complete My Season Pass,” Apple has extended this reduced pricing structure to their TV shows. From now on, those who purchase single episodes can upgrade to complete access to the full season without having to repurchase episodes individually.

According to Macrumors, when a user logs into the iTunes Store to see the list of a TV show’s season’s episodes, he/she will have the choice of buying the entire season without double paying for the episodes already purchased.

Via [MacRumors]

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