The Festive Apple: Christmas Apps for Kids

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Keep the kids occupied over the holidays with these Christmas themed apps for iOS devices.

Instant Santa (free)

The Instant Santa iPhone app instantly places Santa in any photo, for sharing via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Created by Chicago-based Fueled, Inc., Instant Santa can be downloaded onto any iPhone or iPad 2. Place Santa anywhere in a home, even interacting with other people and pets. Users select a Santa pose, then frame, crop or resize the image to fit into any background.

Instant Santa

This answers the question for any child who asks “Is Santa real?”

The free version comes with one Santa. Or, users can upgrade to the “Good Santa” pack for 99¢, which has six images of the jolly man placing gifts, reading his naughty/nice list, eating cookies, and other heartwarming poses. For those who are more mischievous, there is a “Bad Santa” pack available for 99¢ with nine images of naughty St. Nick in funny (and slightly provocative) poses like chugging alcohol or engaged in a fake fist fight. There’s even Star Wars Santa. Pictures can be easily shared via social networks such as Twitter and via Email.

Good Santa

Fueled, Inc. is currently running a promotion, awarding a $20 iTunes gift card weekly to its favorite Instant Santa photos that users can send via email. Winners also will be posted on the website.

Product [Instant Santa]

The Birth of Jesus ($0.99) and The 10 Commandments (free)

AppGeneration has released two new iOS apps, The 10 Commandments and The Birth of Jesus, ti help children interact with Biblical stories with colorful drawings, interactive animations on every page, narrative voices for children to follow along with, and every story features at least six different activities for kids to play with, including paint, paint with math, quizzes and memory tests.

These stories are great tools to help children learn to read and learn simple math in an engaging manner while becoming familiar with the bible and it’s characters in new, fun ways.


The 10 Commandments and The Birth of Jesus bring the Bible to life for the holiday season. Download them both today and make sure to check out our next story, Noah and the Flood, coming soon to the App Store!

For the Holiday Season, the 10 Commandments will be Free to download and the Birth of Jesus will be discounted from $4.99 to only $0.99, for a limited time only.

Products [The 10 Commandments and The Birth of Jesus]

Twas the Night Before Christmas ($2.99 iPhone; $3.99 iPad)

Moving Tales, Inc. has released a completely reformatted “Twas the Night Before Christmas” iPhone app, their full colour 3D animated telling of the classic American Christmas poem. This innovative and richly detailed animated app presents the classic poem as you’ve never seen it. For this specially reformatted iPhone version, there are new features and a whole new level of interactivity where the user changes from one animated scene to the next by shaking the device. The app sells for $2.99 for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Moving Tales’ the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas iPhone Edition shares much of the rich feature set of their innovative worldwide bestselling “Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross” app. For the specially reformatted iPhone version, there are new features and a whole new level of interactivity where the user changes from one animated scene to the next by shaking the device.

In addition, it let’s the user enjoy lovingly detailed three dimensional animated characters including St Nicholas, the Father, sleeping children, reindeer and mice; a stunning hybrid style of animation combining line work, textures and 3D animation; the user can choose from one of three professionally recorded voices; the app includes film calibre music and sound effects; the user can record their own voice reading the poem to be played back with the animation, sound effects and music; and it contains many wonderful animated surprises, including a one minute intricately choreographed St Nicholas delivering gifts in a home dance routine.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Moving Tales has also upgraded their bestselling feature rich iPad app version of Twas the Night Before Christmas, available for $3.99 in the App Store. In addition, Moving Tales has released a graphic novel styled “Read Aloud” eBook version of Twas the Night Before Christmas available for $0.99 from the iBookstore.

Product [Twas the Night Before Christmas]

Sparky, The Christmas Elf ()

Sparky, The Christmas ElfSaffron Byte’s latest app—Sparky, The Christmas Elf for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch—is a simple, yet addictive game suitable for players of all ages. The player’s goal is to catch as many presents as possible while avoiding harmful objects. The player can also collect coins, which he or she can use to upgrade power-ups.

The player controls the title character, Sparky, by tilting the iOS device left and right. Controls are fluid and intuitive.

In addition, Sparky, The Christmas Elf is compatible with Apple’s Game Center. It provides two Game Center leader-boards and 28 Game Center achievements.

Visually, Sparky, The Christmas Elf sets itself apart because every object, button, character, and piece of scenery is handmade with modeling clay and photographed using an iPhone 4.

Product [Sparky, The Christmas Elf]

Christmas Puzzle for Kids 1.0 ($0.99)

Rainbow Stories’ Christmas Puzzle for Kids 1.0 for iOS is a new, animated jigsaw puzzle app for young kids. Each of the 13 different Christmas scenes can be set to one of three levels of difficulty: easy, medium or hard. Featuring puzzle pieces that double in size when touched, kids can create a large picture from small pieces that are presented just two at a time. The expansion of pieces, dragging them on to the picture, and placing them correctly or incorrectly are all animated actions with accompanying sound effects. The app also includes original, festive, holiday music that makes solving these puzzles an activity filled with the joy of Christmas.


At launch in landscape mode, Christmas Puzzle for Kids displays all 13 illustrations in Apple’s eye-catching, Cover Flow View. Kids can scroll horizontally to pick the puzzle they would like to do. Once selected, the illustration fills the leftmost two-thirds of the screen. Pieces to the puzzle slide on to the screen from the right, and only two pieces are displayed at a time. Compared to the illustration, the colors of the puzzle pieces are deep and realistic, so when they are correctly placed over the illustration it remains clear which pieces are still missing.

When the child touches one of the two pieces, it grows immediately to twice its former size, and is exactly the correct size to fit in the puzzle. This innovation encourages children to recognize puzzle pieces by their shape and graphical content, independent of size. Pieces lock into place perfectly, and if placed incorrectly return to the pieces area on the far right. The app features a special snap-in algorithm, so that pieces automatically snap in to place when moved in to proximity of their destination. On completion of the puzzle, a fanfare is heard and all the pieces dissolve into a single, brightly colored image.


13 Puzzles:

  • Santa At the Chimney
  • Christmas Teddy Bear
  • Trimming the Tree
  • Dog & Cat Ready for Christmas
  • Santa and the Presents
  • Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer
  • Christmas Polar Bear
  • Outdoor Christmas Tree
  • Santa and Rudolph
  • Penguin and His Christmas Tree
  • Polar Bear Family Celebrates Christmas
  • Snowman Family Celebrates Christmas
  • Santa in His Airplane

Another innovation in Christmas Puzzle for Kids is that each of the 13 puzzles can be solved at one of three levels of difficulty. At the Easy level the puzzle contains only six pieces, at the Medium level there are 12 pieces, and at the Hard level the puzzle consists of 16 pieces. In this way, kids can solve the same puzzle they have become familiar with, again and again. The illustrations capture colorful Christmas themes, and the beautiful, original, holiday music played by a full orchestra is far more enjoyable than yet another version of “Jingle Bells.”

Product [Christmas Puzzle for Kids]

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