Apple releases online video guide for iTunes Match

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iTunes Match has generated a bit of confusion since its initial release, as some users aren’t sure about what exactly happens to their music library after the service has been enabled. To better explain iTunes Match, Apple posted a walkthrough video showing viewers how to activate their account and load songs.

The new $25/year service offers users the ability to match their existing iTunes library with high quality versions in Apple’s iCloud. In order to use the service, users needs to download iTunes 10.5.1 on a PC or a Mac and/or iOS 5.0.1 on an iPhone 3GS or later,a third-or fourth-generation iPod touch or an iPad.

The video comes with a FAQ about the services being offered by Apple’s iTunes Match, which aims to addresses several questions about whether users can stream music to iOS devices and if songs needs to be uploaded to iCloud. According to Apple, computers will be able to stream music stored in the iCloud. All iOS devices will have the ability to play tracks while its still downloading to your device. Apple TV only seems to stream songs.

Apple’s FAQ also answers what would happen if users let their subscription of iTunes Match comes to a closure after a year, “Any songs you’ve upgraded or downloaded again are completely safe. The only thing you lose is the central storage — iCloud will no longer stream or download matched or uploaded songs to your devices.”

Apple’s iTunes Match became available for US customers back in November, while other countries just recently have gained access.

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