Apple TV hacked to play nicely with iOS apps

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Apple TV jailbroken to run iOS apps

The same developers who participated in the creation of the Siri port for many jailbroken iOS devices have created an interesting new hack for Apple TV. The hack, which is in its early stages, will allow Apple TV users to run potentially any iOS app on the $99 set-top-box. According to the developer, Steve Troughton Smith, using the untethered Seas0nPass jailbreak, it was possible to rewrite the software at the root level to create an app launcher environment within Apple TV.

The developer posted a comment through Twitter that explained the whole process of the hack peformed on the Apple TV: “I rewrote SpringBoard from scratch using only QuartzCore. MobileX isn’t linked against UIKit. The MobileX thing is a standalone app. It manages HID, GS, priorities, contexts, bootstraps apps, processes bundles etc.”

Steve recently tweeted an image which depicts iOS apps running side-by-side on the Apple TV, with the ability to run multiple apps at once. The program, MobileX, features a built-in menu that grants users the ability to launch and quit apps, and provides Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to show multiple apps side by side from the simple use of the Apple Remote. According to Steve, “lighter” apps work flawlessly, but more than six to nine apps running at the same time made Apple TV crash.

Steve said that “there’s way to much to do first,” and that he still needs to discover a method of input that works perfectly before public distribution. He claimed that once the hack is complete, and an a downloadable version hits the public masses, Apple TV could be capable of running any application written for iOS.

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