New Year’s resolution: apps to help break bad habits

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MyQuit iPhone

Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions to stop bad habits, and few of us succeed. That’s because habits are hard to break without help, which is where these apps come in.

  • Quitter (free) can be used to help you quit smoking, or encourage you to make coffee at home instead of buying a latté, or anything that you do on a regular basis that costs money. All you have to do is tell the app what you want to quit, when you quit, how often you used the item, and how much it costs. The app will tell you how long it’s been since you quit and how much money you’ve saved since then. The idea is if you see how much money you’re saving by quitting your bad habit,  you’ll be more likely to not start again.
  • Livestrong MyQuit Coach (free) helps you make a customized plan for how quickly you want to stop smoking. You can track how many cigarettes and cravings you’ve had with how many you’re allowed to have. Whenever you have a craving, you’re given a reason why you shouldn’t smoke, and you can make your own in addition to the ones included. It also keeps track of how much money you saved by not smoking, and if you do well you can earn badges and awards. If you need extra help then you can get motivation through the in-app message board, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson ($2.99) claims to use the power of your unconscious mind to help you stop drinking altogether or just reduce the amount you drink. While hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone, this app could help you if you can’t seem to control your craving.
  • OmniFocus ($19.99 for iPhone, $39.99 for iPad) helps you stay organized, which could mean arriving to appointments on time, never forgetting a loved one’s birthday or other special occasion, remembering to stop by the grocery store on the way home from work, and any number of other important tasks. If one of your bad habits is being disorganized, OmniFocus is an app that will help you break the habit.
  • Budget with Back in Black ($3.99) helps you get in control of your finances if your bad habit is spending too much money. It helps you set saving goals, remind you when payments are due, make spending limits, and a lot more. You’ll always know how much money you have, which means you’re in control over your finances.

With these apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can make 2012 a better year by removing bad habits from your life.

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