Swann announces iFly iOS controlled RC helicopter plus video camera models

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Everyone wants to pilot a helicopter. That’s a fact. The only problem is that most of us don’t have the money to buy a real helicopter and aren’t stupid enough to trust ourselves piloting it. That’s why there are companies like Swann who make RC helicopters for us to live vicariously through. Swann’s new fleet of RC helicopters boasts one with iDevice support and two with on board video cameras. So now you’ll be able to tilt your way through the air or take videos from across the room for between $69.99 and $99.99.

Swann has three new models of RC helicopters, two with video cameras. The i-Fly Micro Lightning is the cheapest of the bunch at $69.99. It’s the light and fast model that relies on an iDevice for control. Sadly, it doesn’t carry an on board camera. Too bad, really. It’d be awesome to be streaming video from it straight to your iDevice. What it can do that the others can’t is be controlled by tilt thanks to the gyros on your iDevice. All you have to do is download the iFly app and plug in the IR controller dongle.

The Sky Eye is modeled after a military helicopter. While it can’t shoot rockets or even lasers, it can shoot video and take pictures with the on board video camera with 512MB of built in memory. The Black Swann is similar, though it’s styled for stealth and supports Micro SD cards instead of having built in memory. Neither of these models can be controlled via iDevice, but I think the support for radio control instead of IR (it can get up to 110 feet away) and on board cameras more than make up for it. As such, they are more expensive at $99.99 for either model.

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