Apple gives iTunes “Quick Look Preview” feature for iOS apps

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iTunes Quick View Mode

Previously, if iTunes customers had a desired product in mind, they had to resort to clicking on multiple pages to get to that specific item. But now Apple has given iTunes a much-needed improvement that will certainly assist users in quickly finding apps and videos in the iTunes Store. This small makeover adds the ability for users to peruse the whole store in a “Quick View mode” which will let them purchase items without leaving the current page.

When clicking on the “info” button in the bottom right of each app icon, an option will appear which gives a detailed description of the selected item along with the reviews, screenshots and price. According to several reports around the internet, this option became available on both the main iTunes Store and App Store pages, as well as in search results.

It seems this new feature also works across all the content that can be found within iTunes, including songs, albums, music videos, movies and TV shows. Simply scroll over the desired item you wish to view in order to get the pop up window with a small preview of the product, its overall rating, basic description, and pricing information. Users can also easily make a purchase of the items from within the window.

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