Appletell’s predictions for Apple’s 2012 products and announcements

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2012 Apple Predictions

2012 is going to be an exciting year for Apple. Already, unnamed sources and analysts no one has heard of before are coming out with tall tales of what Apple products are going to be released and what market Apple is going to take over. Yet, who better to peer into the misty and unknown future than the writers at Appletell who have been following Apple for years?

If you answered “no one,” you’re 100% correct. Read on to find out what we feel is going to happen in the upcoming year.

Jake Gaecke

I think it’s almost certain we’ll be seeing iPad 3 with a much higher resolution than that of the current iPad 2 in the next few months, probably February or March. iPad 3 will also get camera upgrades, which should allow them to market it as having a FaceTime HD camera.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see iPhone 5 before the end of the year, and perhaps even the Apple television that we’ve been hearing about since Jobs left us.

Relatively minor bumps across the board for the whole Mac platform are also in order.

And finally, I strongly doubt Apple will be releasing another iPad model with smaller screen, despite various rumors that would suggest otherwise.

Bill Stiteler

Apple making a TV makes no sense. A TV is just a monitor; a huge, expensive monitor that people buy every five to ten years. So, making a TV with iTunes rentals built in makes no sense.

What would truly be revolutionary—Apple-style revolutionary—would be to create an online system that would allow me to subscribe to cable channels a la carte: buying HBO, Showtime, AMC (for Mad Men and Walking Dead) and Turner Classic Movies without having to pay for the multitude of sports channels and Fuse 2s that I’ll never, ever watch. That’s the magic bullet the television-watching public has been waiting for. I cut the cable last year, going down to basic TV and subsisting on Netflix (unlimited streams and 1 disc). If I could get Game of Thrones without having to pay a hundred-plus bucks a months for it, I’d jump at the chance. So, that’s my unrealistic wish for an Apple TV: truly killing cable.

Other predictions:

  • Macbook Pro will kill off the optical drive, though keep non-Solid State Drives simply because they’re huge and cheap.
  • iTunes, lumbering hulk that it is, will be split into different programs to handle music, apps, and movies/TV. They’ll all lead to the iTunes store (rebranded iStore).

Erica Marceau

The Mac Pro desperately needs an update to not only remain a viable option, but to stop professionals from switching hardware and platforms. I think Apple will do something amazing with the Mac Pro to make it clear they will be in the pro market for a very long time. As an added bonus, the revamped Mac Pro will be the return of the PowerMac by having options that will reduce its cost for those of us who want the expandability but don’t need all of the high-end components.

The iPod touch, iPhone and iPad will come out with new colors when they get updated.

Kirk Hiner

I’m terrible at making predictions, so I won’t…

…except to say the iPod classic will continue to be ignored, but not killed off. Thunderbolt will gain ground, but very slowly, and Apple will release some software updates that no one will care about at launch, and Apple themselves will quit caring about soon thereafter.

Kind of like iWeb.

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