Das Keyboard Model S Professional brings “click” to the Mac

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Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac

I generally like Apple’s keyboards, but won’t argue with those who disapprove of the feedback they provide. Some people just like keys that still offer the actual feel of typing. If you’re in that group, you should check out the “clicky mechanical” Das Keyboard Model S Professional keyboard, now designed specifically for Mac users, and available by April 15th.

Providing users with a “satisfying, even euphoric, typing experience,” Das Keyboard’s Model S’s gold-plated mechanical key switches produce a distinct “click” with each keystroke, resulting in tactile and audible feedback that makes the typing experience more comfortable, precise and fast.

Das Keyboard’s Model S Professional for Mac features include:

  • Gold-plated mechanical key switches designed to withstand 50 million strokes.
  • Enhanced 104-key layout with special keys for quick access to common media player and computer functions.
  • Command and Option keys, helping Mac users to feel right at home.
  • Instant sleep function, enabling users to easily put their Mac to sleep and save energy during even the shortest of breaks.
  • 6-key rollover, enabling users to enter—and the keyboard to recognize—6 keys pressed simultaneously.
  • Two-port, high-speed USB 2.0 hub for syncing and charging iPhone®, iPod®, iPad® and other USB devices.
  • USB hub connected devices charge up to 5 times faster than with other keyboards.
  • Extra-long USB cable (2m, 6.6 ft) that goes through desk grommets to keep workspaces neat and tidy.
  • KVM switch compatible, so users can control more than one computer (Mac or PC) from their Das Keyboard.

Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac is now available for pre-order at the discounted rate of $113, 15% off the normal price of $133. In addition, free ground shipping is currently being offered.

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