Free Apps Roundup for January 20th, 2011

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This week on the Free Apps Roundup: If you love learning like you should, you’re going to love what Apple’s done for iTunes U. Now it’s not just a section in iTunes, it’s a great app for iPhone and iPad. So download iTunes U, find some interesting (science) classes and then, instead of doing homework, download a game or two.


  • iTunes U – Now that Apple has released an entire app for iTunes U, you have even less of a reason to not be learning more things more often. Learning is a life long adventure, and iTunes U makes it easy to find free education content online. There’s a lot of content here from great universities. There are over 500,000 free lectures, videos, books and resources on just about every topic you could want to know more about. It’s an amazing resource, and it’s all free, the way information and education should be. Thanks, Apple.
  • Order Up!! To Go – If you like Cooking Mama, you’re probably going to like this game. You’ll be cooking your way to your restaurant empire. You’ll be cooking from a plethora of menus in a variety of restaurants. The controls are exactly what you’d expect them to be: gesture based. Drop flies, flip burgers, chop your veggies! Oh, and you’ll need to make sure your kitchen doesn’t start on fire and to keep it clean to satisfy the health inspector.
  • Niko – Your friends have been captured by a monstrous world beneath the forest. Hhmm. You, Niko, have made the choice to save your friends. You’ll be sliding, bouncing, flipping and more as you attempt your rescue. The first six levels of this game are free for you to try, and it looks like just about everyone is enjoying it. If you do, too, you can buy the full game for $1.99.
  • Push Panic! – Can you ever get enough match four style games? Maybe, but not yet. As with most games like this, you’ll have to match four of the same color. What’s different is that you won’t get a ton of assistance for lining these blocks up. Yep, they’re going to get unevenly weighted and probably fall over as you blast combinations off the screen. Good luck. There are 75 intense levels in this casual game for you to conquer.

Free for a limited time:

  • ContactFlow – It’s what you get when you combine your contacts with Cover Flow. But actually, there’s more to this app. It will download Facebook profile pictures, remind you of birthdays, allow you to modify your contacts straight from the app, and more.
  • Eagle Eye – Remember those games where you’d pick out the differences between the two pictures that looked almost exactly the same? This game is like that, only different. Instead of there being differences between two images, there’s just one image that changes slowly. All you have to do is pick out the change quickly.
  • Nostalgio – Express your creativity by making professional looking photo collages from your iOS device. This app is simple, but pretty cool; you just take a few photos and arrange them into a single image by placing each into a cell of the collage. Inside each cell, you can rotate, resize and apply effects. If you like the idea but are exceedingly lazy, you can even have the app pic images randomly from your library. It’s a cool app that can really combine your images for some added style.
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