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Inside Apple by Adam LashinskyFollowing the recent success of Walter Isaacson’s biography on former Apple CEO Steve Jobs comes another more corporately-focused book on the company that Jobs co-founded and brought so much success to throughout his adult life. Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky brings to light Apple’s (and Jobs’ as well, to a lesser extent) business side and how the company operates instead of the personal coverage that Isaacson’s biography brought.

Through interviews with those whoare closely associated with the company, from Apple’s management team to their board members, Inside Apple shows us how the company functions internally. This book is certainly a perfect choice for anyone who aspires to pursue a career with Apple or is just genuinely interested in how the company maintains its success through smart business choices, as well as the creation of such innovative and amazing products that the public knows them for to this day.

If Apple’s corporate culture is something that sparks your interest for whatever reason, Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky is a book you’ll want to pick up and take the time to read. You can do so now by purchasing your copy on the iTunes iBookstore or the retailer of your choice for only $12.99.

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