T-Mobile to expand support for unlocked iPhones on its network

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iPhone Scope of Support memo

Even though T-Mobile does not officially carry the iPhone, the carrier has more than a million owners of the (unlocked) iDevice on its network, which would definitely justify expanding its support for it. A leaked employee memo from the carrier, entitled “iPhone Scope of Support” (pictured above), details that they plan to implement this support expansion on January 30th.

Although not very detailed or extensive, the document does include guidelines for providing help with common issues, procedures, and general questions, as well as information on iPhone/iOS features. The information currently available from T-Mobile to its customers regarding the iPhone is mostly limited to getting owners of an unlocked iPhone set up on their network.

T-Mobile has yet to officially partner with Apple in offering the iPhone to its customers, although that does not mean it won’t happen in the future. You’ll remember the iPhone started off as an AT&T exclusive in the United States, and has since rolled out to Verizon and Sprint. Even though T-Mobile has been left out in being able to officially offer the iPhone to its customers, that hasn’t stopped the 1,000,000+ owners of unlocked iPhones from using their iDevices on the carrier’s network.

It appears T-Mobile has recognized the importance of these customers in this move to expand its support for them. iPhone users on T-Mobile will have to wait for the expanded support’s implementation to see just how it will benefit them and just how far the carrier will go to satisfy their needs.

Via [TmoNews]

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