Macworld | iWorld 2012: Appletell’s surprising finds [updated]

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Another Macworld has come and gone, this time taking a new name with it. And just as the new name implies a shift away from the Macintosh and towards Apple’s iDevices, so do our surprising finds, for the second year in a row. iOS apps and accessories dominated the show floor, three of which took us pleasantly by surprise: a video app, an art app, and some slick iPhone cases.

Aaron: Game your Video by Global Delight

Video effects like Matrix-style bullet time or Charlie Chaplin jittery black & white, which used to take hours to render in your video, can now be applied live to HD video shot on your iPhone.  Game Your Video comes with a full complement of audio effects like Chipmunk, Demon, and Baby voice transformations to add hilarious, scary, or “awwww” effects on the fly.

 For personal sharing, the app also offers integration with your Music library, so you can pick an epic soundtrack for your footage.  Game Your Video promises to let you stop editing your photos and start gaming. For only $1.99 it is an easy directive to follow!

Product [Game Your Video]

David: Art Authority for iPad by Open Door Networks

Art Authority was my surprise find for this Macworld | iWorld 2012. This was the first Macworld I’ve been to, so I really did not have a complete idea of what to expect. I was ready for the gadgetry and the tech atmosphere and the entertainment as part of the marketing. What I did not expect to find was an interesting app that featured the fine arts.

Art Authority

Art authority is an iPad app that lets you view over 50,000 works of art. From Paleolithic to Post Modern, Art Authority lets you view high resolution images of paintings, sculpture, tapestry and other art from around the world. The app also lets you search for works that are “like this one,” so if you find a particular painting you like, the app will show you works that are similar. Since the viewer is an iPad, you can use the usual finger tap zoom, rotate, pan, etc.

The nice folks at Art Authority said the app is starting to get some use in the classroom. To me this sounds like a great improvement over the old watching slides in the dark routine (which carries the inherent risk of dozing off). The resolution and clarity of the images are very good, and the selection virtually guarantees anyone can find what they like in the art world.

Product [Art Authority for iPad]

Kirk: Formati Collection for iPhone 4/4S by All Jack Boutique [Updated Feb. 6, 2012 with product images]

After all this time, it’s quite rare that I’m ever caught completely off guard by an iPhone case design, but that’s exactly what happened with the Formati collection of metal iPhone 4/4S cases from All Jack Boutique. These cases, displayed behind glass, were quote stunning.

All Jack iPhone 4/4S Cases

There were about two dozen colorful designs on display, all of which have been CNC machine tooled. In addition, many of the designs come in multiple colors, including a rather cool looking green American flag (pictured above), although my favorite is the haunting and lonely “Star Trace” (pictured below).

All Jack iPhone 4/4S Cases

The Formati Collection is scheduled to be released around the end of February 2012.

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