Macworld | iWorld 2012: Appletell’s favorite products

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Macworld | iWorld 2012 has come and gone, just like that. Three days are barely enough to take a close look at all the new apps, gadgets, software and hardware that vendors were happy to show off, but it was enough time for the Appletell team to put together our list of favorite products from the show floor. This year, it’s an iPhone camera accessory, a home control system and one developer’s entire lineup.

Aaron: ōlloclip iPhone Lens by ōlloclip

Launched as a KickStarter project last year, ōlloclip has been burning up the iDevice accessory world lately. The ōlloclip is a combination fisheye, macro, and wide angle lens that snaps effortlessly on the iPhone body and self-aligns with the camera.

Olloclip iPhone 4S camera attachment

The ōlloclip takes full advantage of the iPhone 4S’ excellent camera for both still shots and video, opening a new world of artistic effects for the point-and-shoot camera most people carry around every day. With precision ground optical elements and a machined aluminum lens barrel, the ōlloclip is a great option for professional photo results when a bulky DSLR just is not an option.

David: Crestron Mobile Pro G by Crestron

Crestron Mobile Pro GWith all due respect to all of the fantastic apps at MacWorld | iWorld 2012 I am going to give Crestron my nod for Best of Show.

The Crestron control system allows you to connect to and control almost anything that runs on electricity from your iDevice wherever you are. The ability to set up preferences, touch a couple of buttons and have your home set your shades, start your coffee, turn on the morning news, set the thermostat, turn on some background music, open the garage door, etc., all before your feet hit the floor when the alarm goes off is a significant time saver.

In the workplace it can help manage light harvesting and environment control, which can mean significant energy savings. Since I have a penchant for the really handy, Crestron gets the “best of show” for this Expo.

Kirk: Pretty much any speaker system by Gavio

There were plenty of products by familiar companies I was happy to finally check out at Macworld | iWorld this year: iStop Motion for iPad from Boinx, the Spark Digital condenser mic from Blue, and Monster Wars from Liv Games, for example. But my “best in show” goes to a company that’s new to me and to Macworld Expo: Gavio.

Gavio showed off a lot of products for iDevices, but it was their line of portable speakers that won me over. Specifically, the Wrenz, Alchemey, Toast and GooGoo models. These are all gorgeously designed systems that are at once charming and unique, and all of them pack more punch than you’d expect (especially the Alchemy, despite being housed in a single aluminum cylinder).

Gavio Wrenz


Whether via Bluetooth or the docking port, they provide solid sound from your iDevices, and complement them quite well. The Wrenz are available now, with Alchemy, Toast and GooGoo available for pre-order.

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  • eric

    I have to comment on “David’s” pick for best in show…

    Like the opening of this article “MacWorld has come and gone” so has Crestron and their hold on the advanced home/office system control arena!

    In fact (IMHO) Crestron has the worst control system out there. The cost is WAY to high, the programming is WAY to difficult and the problems of installation often insurmountable.

    As an information and network architect I have work with most of the control systems out there; and for my money the best (and only one I would pay for if I hadn’t built one myself geek that I am) is made by a company called Savant.

    Savant is built on the Mac. The OS X and iOS platforms are an interracial part of the system. Savant’s interface has the most natural feel like using a remote you have been using all your life the very first time you pick it up. Crestron, on the other hand, wrote their “App” as an after thought and only because they were losing market share to any system that took advantage of iOS. When you try and use the Creston app it is clunky and slow and often out right fails.

    Before you ever consider throwing down the big (make that HUGE) bucks for a home automation/control system take a look a Savant. As compared to Crestron, cost less, easy to program and just works. In every installation I have seen so far the problems have all been fixed and Savant as a company has been helpful (again unlike Crestron who tell me that I need to put in a separate network just for Crestron; mostly because Crestron can’t handle any other traffic with it’s data packets.

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