Band of the Day earns App of the Week, my respect

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Band of the DayAmongst all of the wildly inaccurate statements people make these days, there are two which irk me most: 1.) “Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny since (insert either original cast or era with which speaker grew up here),” and 2.) “There’s no good music out there these days.”

Saturday Night Live we’ll debate at another time. Music we’ll discuss now, because there’s more great music out there than ever, it’s just not on the radio or on MTV. So, where do you look for it after your subscription to CMJ has expired? Try out 955 Dreams’ Band of the Day, now a universal app for iPad support.

About Band of the Day, from the press release:

Late last year, 955 Dreams launched a completely new platform for daily mobile publishing with the release of Band of the Day (BoD) for iPhone. The world’s first mobile-exclusive music publication was adopted by hundreds of thousands of users in its first few weeks, and Band of the Day was quickly named iPhone App of the Year Runner Up by Apple. Unlike the path of mobile adoption taken by traditional magazine publishers, BoD is built from the ground up for iOS Devices. Expanding its daily magazine platform to the tablet, Band of the Day is now available for the iPad. Also built on the 955 Publishing Engine, BoD iPad app features emerging artists using beautiful magazine layouts, full play songs and easy access for social engagement. Unique navigation mechanisms, like allowing users to flip through editorial pages rather than scrolling, keep user engagement very high. Band of the Day has proven to be a revolutionary new way to discover great music directly on iOS, as seen by passionate iTunes user reviews and consistent 5 star ratings.

Band of the Day provides a simple way to find great bands from all over the world, the kind my buddy John and I would play for each other on those long drives between New York City and our hometown in Ohio. The only problem with an app like this is that it’s possible to find too many new bands, which can be a burden on your wallet.

But if you’re an actual fan of music, Band of the Day gives you a free, easy way to get that thrill of discovering new bands directly from the convenience of your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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